Westminster Forum Projects

Working at WFP

The company

  • Market leader in organising impartial, senior-level conferences on public policy in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - and now in the Republic of Ireland
  • Our origins are in the Westminster Parliament and our connections with governments and legislators get stronger all the time - check out our Parliamentary Patrons
  • Highly respected by the businesses, legal and financial experts, third-sector and other stakeholders who take part
  • A secure place to work - consistent growth since we were founded in the 1990s

Where we are

  • A minute from the mainline train station in beautiful Bracknell
  • Easy quick commute from London - going opposite to most rush hour travellers
  • Close to more affordable Reading, and in the middle of lovely countryside

The culture

  • Ethical - we treat the important issues discussed in our conferences, our customers and each other impartially, fairly and consistently
  • Professional - we are only as good as our latest seminar
  • Mutually supportive - there are no passengers, all of us here depend on each other
  • Responsible - what we do is genuinely important. Lawmakers and those affected by their decisions rely on us to do our very best
  • Stimulating - we are all always thinking and developing the company and ourselves
  • Supportive - be organised, responsible, and try to learn, and we'll always stick by you

Sounds serious doesn't it?

  • Day to day life here is friendly, chatty, gossipy, relaxed but alert - especially at the weekly meetings where we review all our live events
  • Exceptional social life
  • Rapid promotion from within is the norm
  • Pay rises and opportunities for moving up every six months

After WFP

  • There isn't an 'after' yet for the overwhelming majority of the 100 people here - they are bright, on good pay, stimulated, taking responsibility, and making careers here
  • Those that do move on go to businesses, PR and consultancies, Parliamentary or government work, third sector or academia

What about the negative experiences?

  • A very few, vocal, people find the pace and responsibility difficult to cope with - especially when they are newer to the world of work or come to us from a duller organisation
  • When they leave they tend to discover that we are like most other employers: trying our best to make a success of things and keep everyone in work, making mistakes from time to time and trying to learn from them - and not so bad after all

Is it for you? Are you:

  • Bright (we see potential in people whatever their educational background)
  • Ambitious
  • Idealistic - want to get ahead and help society at the same time
  • Willing to take responsibility, and take it seriously
  • Full of ideas
  • Eager to learn
  • Able to be organised
  • A team player
  • Customer-focused (colleagues are customers too)
  • Persistent and resourceful

If the answers to the above are yes, this could be the place for you. Why not get in touch and check us out in person.