Westminster Forum Projects

For booking-related queries or information on speaking please email us at info@forumsupport.co.uk, or contact us: +44 (0)1344 864796.

Working at WFP

The company

Market leader in organising impartial, senior-level conferences on public policy in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - and now in the Republic of Ireland

Our origins are in the Westminster Parliament and our connections with governments and legislators get stronger all the time - check out our Parliamentary Patrons

Highly respected by the businesses, legal and financial experts, third-sector and other stakeholders who take part

A secure place to work - consistent growth since we were founded in the 1990s

Where we are

We are based at home with occasional face to face meetings and travel to Westminster and other conference locations when required.

The culture

Ethical - we treat the important issues discussed in our conferences, our customers and each other impartially, fairly and consistently
Professional - we are only as good as our latest seminar
Mutually supportive - there are no passengers, all of us here depend on each other
Responsible - what we do is genuinely important. Lawmakers and those affected by their decisions rely on us to do our very best
Stimulating - we are all always thinking and developing the company and ourselves
Supportive - be organised, responsible, and try to learn, and we'll always stick by you

Sounds serious doesn't it?

Day to day life here is focussed, friendly and supportive with assistance and advice always on hand from senior colleagues
Those who work at WFP are a friendly bunch of people who regularly engage socially outside of work
Rapid promotion from within is the norm
Opportunities for progression and pay rises are considered at each personal development meeting every six months

After WFP

There isn't an 'after' yet for the overwhelming majority of the 100 people here - they are bright, on good pay, stimulated, taking responsibility, and making careers here
Those that do move on go to businesses, PR and consultancies, Parliamentary or government work, third sector or academia

What about the negative experiences?

A very few, vocal, people find the pace and responsibility difficult to cope with - especially when they are newer to the world of work or come to us from a duller organisation
When they leave they tend to discover that we are like most other employers: trying our best to make a success of things and keep everyone in work, making mistakes from time to time and trying to learn from them - and not so bad after all

Is it for you? Are you:

Bright (we see potential in people whatever their educational background)
Idealistic - want to get ahead and help society at
Full of ideas
Eager to learn
Able to be organised
A team player
Customer-focused (colleagues are customers too)
Persistent and resourceful

If the answers to the above are yes, this could be the place for you. Why not get in touch and check us out in person.