Westminster Health Forum

Rolling out Integrated Care Systems: population health management, scaling up and local delivery

TO BE PUBLISHED November 2019

This seminar will be an opportunity to discuss the role of Integrated Care Systems (ICS) in shaping the care in the communities they serve - looking at population health management, scaling up and local delivery.

Following the commitment to roll out ICS across the country by 2021 to help deliver the NHS Long Term Plan, delegates will discuss the challenges and practicalities in scaling up to meet this goal - including:

  • gaining access to transformation funding,
  • arrangements for governance, and
  • delivering effective shared decision-making and resource management.

Keynote contributions on:

  • Progress of ICS in transforming the health and care of local populations - with Sarah Scobie, Deputy Director of Research, Nuffield Trust;
  • Learning from existing ICS - with Dr Claire Fuller, Lead, Surrey Heartlands Integrated Care System;
  • Local integration and meeting goals in the NHS Long Term Plan - with Rob Webster, Chief Executive, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust;
  • The future of the purchaser-provider split - with Julie Wood, Chief Executive, NHS Clinical Commissioners;
  • Priorities for patient engagement in the development of ICS - with Thalia Jervis, Chief Executive, Healthwatch Bucks;
  • Developing the skills of a multidisciplinary force - with Eric Rooney, Deputy Chief Dental Officer for England, NHS England;
  • Potential for collaborating with industry partners - with Dr Phil Richardson, Chief System Integration Officer, NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group; and
  • Next steps for policy and meeting goals by 2021.

Case studies

  • Integrated care in practice - personalisation, shared decision-making and care coordination; and
  • Focusing on prevention and tackling health inequalities in population health management - with Paul Najsarek, Chief Executive, Ealing Council.

The seminar follows the publication of the Long Term Plan’s Implementation Framework, which outlines the approach ICS should take in developing their five-year plans by November 2019.

Delegates will consider approaches to developing plans with engagement from partners across the health and social care system, including local communities, clinical staff and local authorities.

They will also examine the potential for legislative change and the future of the purchaser-provider split, following the response to the consultation to introduce an Integrated Care Provider Contract, which assessed contracting arrangements for providers to remove operational barriers of integration - and concluded that amendments were needed around transparency, financial controls and accountability.

We also expect discussion on the future of health commissioning and possible plans to streamline current commissioning arrangements to one CCG per ICS area - looking at next steps for increasing efficiencies, the role of joint commissioning and the impact of shared budgets between local authorities and CCGs.

The agenda also looks at what more will be needed to support ICS to join up care across local authorities, the NHS and wider system partners - including the call for the long term funding of adult social care, with the Social Care Green Paper expected to outline options shortly.

Further sessions will address the key barriers to moving forward with delivery, such as how to ensure the workforce has the right skills, training and resources to deliver integrated care - in light of the recent publication of the Interim NHS People Plan, which includes the aim to support ICS in creating five-year workforce plans to improve care delivery.

Attendees will consider the options set out for ensuring adequate training, education and recruitment and priorities for alleviating workforce shortages to cope with increased demand - such as the role of the third sector, volunteers and industry partners in innovating care provision and providing community care.

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