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The life sciences sector in the UK - investment, innovation and next steps for delivering the Sector Deal 2

TO BE PUBLISHED December 2019

This conference will assess the future of the life sciences sector in the UK and progress in delivering the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy and the Life Sciences Sector Deal 2 - looking at investment, innovation and the next steps for policy.

The agenda

Keynote contributions:

  • Delivering the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy - with Professor Richard Barker, Chief Executive, Health Innovation Network;
  • Developing partnerships between industry, the NHS, charities and universities - with Professor Sir Robert Lechler, President, The Academy of Medical Sciences; and
  • Regulation of medicines, medical devices and clinical trials post-Brexit - with a senior speaker confirmed from MHRA.

Further sessions focus on:

  • Life Sciences Sector Deal 2:
    • investment and infrastructure,
    • patient engagement,
    • meeting the Industrial Strategy Grand Challenges, and 
    • impact on the UK economy and helping business to scale up;
  • Ensuring the UK remains an attractive place for investment in life sciences;
  • Supporting the uptake and adoption of innovations in the NHS; and
  • Next steps for the life sciences sector in the UK.

Policy progress, key aims and delivery

Delegates will assess the progress of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy and the Life Sciences Sector Deal 2 on accelerating the pace of growth and innovation in the UK, following investments by government and the industry.

They will discuss next steps for utilising the investments to implement key goals in the first and second Sector Deals - including for data and digital, research and development, improving access to new technologies and supporting businesses and local economies in the UK.

We expect discussion on the progress of meeting the Industrial Strategy Grand Challenge mission to transform the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases by 2030 - as well as priorities for engaging patients and delivering the commitment to develop a cohort of healthy participants to enable research to diagnose diseases earlier.

Investment, regulation and ensuring UK competiveness post-Brexit

The agenda includes discussion on the impact of Brexit on the regulation of medicines and medical devices - including on patient access, supply and innovation in the UK and the relationship between the MHRA and the European Medicines Agency.

Attendees will also discuss the next steps for maintaining UK competiveness post-Brexit and the priorities for the workforce and skills retention and ensuring the UK remains an attractive place for research and development funding.

Innovation, adoption and collaboration

In light of the introduction of the Accelerated Access Collaborative, those attending will assess the progress of increasing the uptake and adoption of innovations in the NHS by providing incentives and identifying new products based on the needs of the population.

The seminar follows the recent announcement of £250m government investment into artificial intelligence and the development of a National Artificial Intelligence Lab, which will utilise new technology to improve the treatment, prevention and personalised care of conditions such as cancer and dementia.

Planned sessions will assess barriers to growth, including ensuring regulation keeps pace with developments - as well as what additional support could be provided to industry and SMEs to scale up.

Following the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan, the role of partnerships with the NHS, industry, universities and charities will also be discussed - including how to further increase collaborations and engage with local systems, clinicians and patients.

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