Westminster Health Forum

Improving diabetes outcomes in England - prevention, access and digital technology

TO BE PUBLISHED November 2019

This conference focuses on next steps for improving diabetes outcomes in England.

The agenda and keynote speakers

Keynote contributions:

  • Implementing the NHS Long Term Plan for diabetes - with Professor Jonathan Valabhji, National Clinical Director for Diabetes and Obesity, NHS England and NHS Improvement;
  • The Diabetes Prevention Programme: progress, expansion and tackling inequalities - with Dr Jenifer Smith, Programme Director, NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, PHE; and
  • Diabetes research: funding, collaboration and translating research into treatment - with Professor Roman Hovorka, Metabolic Research Laboratories, University of Cambridge.

Panel sessions include:

  • Delivering benefits enabled by digital technology - use of data, patient choice and reducing variation; and
  • Key issues for the delivery of diabetes services: supporting self-management, expanding multidisciplinary teams and addressing rising costs.

Case studies on

  • Learning from the South London Diabetes Test Bed - with Dr Neel Basudev, Clinical Lead, Out of Hospital Care, London Diabetes Clinical Network;
  • Delivering benefits enabled by digital technology - with Dr Partha Kar, Consultant, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust; Associate National Clinical Director, Diabetes, NHS England; and Joint Clinical Lead, Diabetes GIRFT
  • Promoting the self-management of diabetes in East London and working with communities most at risk of health inequalities - with Kye Lockwood, Chief Executive Officer, Social Action for Health;
  • Care within a major hospital compared to centres embedded within the community - with Erica Richardson, Lead Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital NHS Trust; and
  • Transforming diabetes services in Hounslow by supporting the integration of care and developing training for health professionals - with Dr Raquel Delgado, Diabetes GP Lead, Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group, NHS North West London.

NHS Long Term Plan

Delegates will assess priorities for moving forward with the NHS Long Term Plan for diabetes - including workforce training and funding challenges associated with the Plan’s goals to improve access to diabetes professionals, such as multidisciplinary footcare teams and diabetes inpatient specialist nursing teams.

Further discussion is expected on the opportunities for empowering patients, looking at:

  • Increasing support for self-management, with the roll out of education and digital self-management support tools; and
  • How to address any unintended inequalities among patients less able to benefit from digital tools.


Planned sessions will look at the next steps for innovation in diabetes diagnosis, treatment and care - including supporting patient engagement, widening access and ensuring patient safety - and how to accelerate the uptake of new innovations and ensure they are designed to meet user needs.

It follows the roll out of flash glucose monitors to those with type 1 diabetes from April and continuous glucose monitoring for all pregnant women with type 1 diabetes by 2020/21 - as well as the second wave of NHS Test Beds, which is trialling digital initiatives that support diabetes self-management and encourages the NHS to work with innovators to improve care.


We expect discussion on the priorities for prevention of type 2 diabetes, following:

The agenda also includes discussion on the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme, as NHS England commits to fund a doubling of the programme and the introduction of a digital option for users.

Attendees will assess progress so far, as well as challenges and opportunities for expansion - including the potential impact of the programme on widening patient choice and tackling inequalities.


Further sessions will consider the priorities for diabetes research and opportunities for collaboration, including funding and how best to ensure the translation of research into treatment.

It comes with NHS England trialling the adoption of low calorie diets for selected patients with type 2 diabetes, following research showing that some people were able to achieve remission with such diets.

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