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The future for history teaching in England’s primary and secondary schools - curriculum design, diversifying content, teacher recruitment and support, maintaining the position of history at GCSE and A Level, and progression to HE and employment

November 2022

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This conference examined the future for the teaching of history in England’s primary and secondary schools.

With an expert panel advising the Department for Education in the development of a model history curriculum, delegates assessed priorities for curriculum design in schools.

Discussion in the agenda included:

  • developing history education - design of knowledge-rich curricula at primary and secondary level - diversifying content and improving representation - teaching pupils historical argument
  • the teaching workforce - priorities for support - design of ITT programmes for history - mentoring new teachers - improving recruitment, retention and CPD for specialist teachers
  • GCSE and A Level - engaging students - maintaining the position of history as a subject at this level - future pathways for history students progressing into higher education and related careers

We are pleased to have been able to include keynote contributions from Christine Counsell, Director, Opening Worlds; Editor, Teaching History; and Trustee, David Ross Education Trust; and Sir Anthony Seldon, the noted contemporary historian.

This pack includes

  • Dropbox video recording of the conference
  • PDF transcript of the discussion, including all speaker remarks and Q&A
  • PDFs of speakers' slide material (subject to permission)
  • PDFs of the delegate pack, including speaker biographies and attendee list
  • PDFs of delegate articles