Westminster Media Forum

The future for children’s media in the UK - original programming, competition, and provision and availability

TO BE PUBLISHED February 2020

This seminar will consider the future for children’s media in the UK.

Areas for discussion include:

  • Funding and the Young Audiences Content Fund,
  • The response by the sector, particularly PSBs, to the ongoing structural changes in media markets,
  • Issues around competition and prominence, and
  • Commercial opportunities and the impact of marketing restrictions.


There will be keynote addresses from:

  • Jason Cotton, Head of Broadcasting Content Policy, DCMS;
  • Jackie Edwards, Head, Young Audiences Content Fund, BFI; and
  • Kate Biggs, Project Director, Children’s Content Review, Ofcom.

Further speakers include: Alison Bakunowich, Nickelodeon and Milkshake!; Richard Bradley, Lion Television; Colin Browne, Voice of the Listener & Viewer; Helen Howells, Hoho Entertainment; Sarah Muller, BBC and Lucy Murphy, Sky.

The agenda

  • Original programming and plurality in the children’s public service broadcasting landscape - update on the Young Audiences Content Fund;
  • Improving the provision and availability of children’s content;
  • Key issues for PSBs - developing multi-platform approaches, serving and engaging younger audiences, and assessing what further support is required;
  • The business of children’s media - competition with on-demand, monetising IP and brand partnerships, and navigating the impact of advertising restrictions; and
  • Policy priorities for children’s media in the UK.

Price: £95 PLUS VAT

Shortly after every Westminster Media Forum seminar, a briefing document is produced. This is distributed to all delegates on the day as well as to our policymaker contacts in government, and to stakeholders more widely.

A seminar publication provides a timely record of proceedings, and acts as a guide to the latest thinking on current policy issues for those unable to be at the event.

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