Westminster Health Forum

Environmental sustainability in healthcare - drivers for change, incentives and measurement, and priorities for the NHS Net Zero Expert Panel


This conference will discuss key issues for environmental sustainability in healthcare.

It takes place with the drive to reducing carbon emissions and waste becoming a central policy focus across government and public services, and follows the commitment in the Climate Change Act to cut carbon emissions to zero by 2050 - as well as a raft of measures being put in place to reduce the use of single-use plastics.

The seminar comes as the new government makes specific environmental sustainability pledges, including:

  • reducing plastics pollution by introducing a levy and extending producer responsibility,
  • reaching net-zero by 2050 and set up an office for environmental protection, and
  • introducing legal targets on air quality.

Delegates will assess how the NHS and wider health industry can respond whilst still maintaining their quality of care.

It comes with the announcement by NHS England of a For a greener NHS campaign to help the NHS meet net-zero targets - and the setting up of the NHS Net Zero Expert Panel which will produce an interim report by summer, with the final report expected in autumn ahead of the COP26 in Glasgow.

We are pleased that the chair of this new NHS Net Zero Expert Panel, Dr Nick Watts, is a keynote speaker at this conference.

Further areas for discussion include:

  • The practicalities and impact of policy implementation;
  • Sharing best practice across local systems; and
  • Engaging healthcare professionals and the supply chain.

Keynote speakers

There will be keynote contributions from:

  • Sonia Roschnik, Director, NHS Sustainable Development Unit;
  • Dr Nick Watts, Chair, NHS Net Zero Panel and Executive Director, Lancet Countdown; and
  • Dr Vicky McFarlane-Reid, Director of Business and Enterprise, The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Further keynote speakers include: James Hawkins, Executive Director, NHS Digital; Chris Large, Senior Partner, Global Action Plan; Claire Lund, Head, Environmental Sustainability, GSK; Nick Martin, Head of Sustainability, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust; Dr Richard Smith, Chair, UK Health Alliance on Climate Change; and Anne Woolridge, Chief Operating Officer, Independent Safety Services.

Also speaking are: Dr Olivia Bush, The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare; Amy Butterworth Fernandes, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust and Adam Newman, WRM.

The agenda

  • Environmental sustainability in healthcare and delivering targets in the NHS Long Term Plan;
  • Priorities for the NHS Net Zero Expert Panel and next steps towards carbon neutral;
  • Incentives and drivers for change - commissioning, procurement, and efficiency improvements;
  • Creating environmentally sustainable health systems - cross-sector collaboration, engagement, and ensuring high-quality patient care:
    • Public health return on investment from addressing climate change and promoting prevention;
    • Engaging healthcare professionals and the impact on patient care, quality, and safety;
    • Reducing the carbon footprint of the life sciences industry;
    • Water use and waste management in the NHS estate; and
    • Supporting sustainability in the NHS through technology.
  • Measuring local progress and the role of new models of care - developing metrics, leadership, and comparing financial and carbon savings.

Engagement with policy officials at this conference

This Westminster Health Forum conference has attracted strong interest from policymakers. It will be an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with officials who have reserved places representing: DHSC; Defra; Ofwat; DfE; MoJ and the Department for International Trade.

Price: £95 PLUS VAT

Shortly after every Westminster Health Forum seminar, a briefing document is produced. This is distributed to all delegates on the day as well as to our policymaker contacts in government, and to stakeholders more widely.

A seminar publication provides a timely record of proceedings, and acts as a guide to the latest thinking on current policy issues for those unable to be at the event.

This publication includes


Contributions from keynotes and panellists, including accompanying slides*
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Delegate Pack

Information from the day, including delegate list, biographies and agenda


Transcript of questions and comments posed to speakers from attending delegates


Supplementary articles from speakers
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