Policy Forum for London

Delivering the Elizabeth Line and the outlook for Crossrail 2: expanding capacity, opportunities for London, and looking beyond the Affordability Review

October 2018

This conference provided a timely opportunity to assess the challenges for delivering the Elizabeth Line, following the announcement of its delayed launch until Autumn 2019, and what a revised roadmap might mean for Crossrail’s completion, the London stakeholders affected by this delay, and the potential impact of this development for the proposed Crossrail 2 project.

Delegates discussed the benefits of transport infrastructure upgrades for city development in London, with sessions evaluating the property sector and unlocking investment and house building, accelerating regeneration and job creation in Outer London, and how key sectors and businesses can take advantage of enhanced connectivity and improved routes to airports.

Amid uncertainty over the future of Crossrail 2, potential challenges for project design and finance were considered, with private finance, tax and Land Value Capture solutions analysed, the potential for supply chains across the UK to benefit and engage with the project, and how recommendations from the National Infrastructure Assessment might be achieved.

Attendees also explored opportunities for extending Crossrail to the outside of London and how this could boost job creation, ease housing shortages and benefit the Thames Estuary, how challenges presented by Brexit and skills shortages for UK rail might be addressed, and the potential for cities across the UK to learn from Crossrail and develop their own transport infrastructure projects.

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