Westminster Health Forum

Utilising data in healthcare - adoption, public trust and innovation

TO BE PUBLISHED December 2019

This conference will be a timely opportunity to assess next steps for utilising data in healthcare.

Areas for discussion include addressing barriers to the adoption of data-driven technologies, supporting integrated patient-centred care, and engaging the workforce.

It is timed to assess the implementation of the Government’s new code of conduct for data-driven technology and artificial intelligence in the NHS, with further updates expected later this year.

The seminar follows the announcement by the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care of £250m investment in artificial intelligence and the development of a new National Artificial Intelligence Lab, which will work to address some of the key challenges in healthcare - including for cancer, dementia, and personalised care.

The seminar follows the publication of the Department of Health and Social Care’s Creating the right framework to realise the benefits for patients and the NHS where data underpins innovation, which commits to the development of a new National Centre of Expertise to sit within NHSX to oversee data sharing agreements.

Delegates will discuss key issues within the guidance, such as ensuring fair terms for data arrangements, supporting public trust and transparency, and meeting full security and regulatory standards, ahead of the expected publication of a policy framework.

The seminar follows the National Data Guardian consultation response and new work priorities, and those attending will assess what more could be done to deliver the aims to ensure safeguarding, support public understanding, and encourage information sharing to improve patient care.

Delegates will discuss implementing goals to develop digital skills, following the publication of the Topol Review and the Interim NHS People Plan - including priorities for engaging clinicians, improving digital leadership, and creating the right workforce culture to enable digitally supported patient care.

In light of the Life Sciences Sector Deal 2, sessions will look at the next steps for meeting the goal to make the UK a leader in data-driven research, innovation, and development - such as addressing regulatory challenges to ensure regulation keeps pace with the change of technological development and improving health data infrastructure.

We expect further discussion on the impact of standards on innovation and the funding required for NHS organisations to invest in infrastructure to meet them, following NHS Digital’s consultation on the draft Data and Technology Standards Framework.

Attendees will assess the next steps for improving the uptake of data-driven technologies in the NHS and delivering the NHS Long Term Plan - following the publication of the Plan’s implementation framework, which sets out priority actions for infrastructure, digital services, innovation, and skills and culture.

The agenda includes discussion on the use of data in genomics and personalised healthcare and the data challenges of meeting the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care’s commitment to sequence 5m genomes by 2023/24.

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Shortly after every Westminster Health Forum seminar, a briefing document is produced. This is distributed to all delegates on the day as well as to our policymaker contacts in government, and to stakeholders more widely.

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