Westminster Media Forum

Revision of the Audiovisual Media Services Directive - funding and prominence, consumer protection, and the UK’s position post-Brexit

February 2020

Delegates addressed the potential impact of the newly introduced and amended provisions on stakeholders - including broadcasters, video-on-demand services, video-sharing platforms, content producers, and the advertising industry - and the UK’s positioning with regard to the directive going forward.

Delegates also examined the new obligations of video-on-demand services to promote the production of and access to European works, what it means for providers based in the UK, and the priorities and challenges for meeting these requirements - as well as the effect these changes could have on consumer access and choice.

There was discussion on cases for and against a levy scheme that would require video-on-demand services to contribute a portion of its revenue to local production subsidy funds, in light of the recent UK government consultation on the proposed approach to implementing the Directive and in the context of Brexit.

Debate then turned on the new obligations on video-sharing platforms to protect children and consumers from harmful content, with delegates contemplating how best to define a video-sharing platform in law, and which platforms are likely to fall under the UK’s jurisdiction. This provided an opportunity to examine the related issues around increased collection and use of data and the effects on consumer privacy online.

Further sessions assessed the future of audiovisual media regulation and legislation in the UK - with consideration to the range of possible outcomes relating to Brexit in the context of the closed consultation into the future regulatory design pertaining to video-sharing platforms. Discussion revolved around proportionality in a new regulatory framework, taking into account varying available resources between companies - following Ofcom’s appointment as interim regulator for video-sharing online.

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