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Next steps for obesity policy, prevention and care in England - Government strategy | Alternative options | Stakeholder impact and priorities | R&I priorities | Key issues for industry | Improving public health | Patient care and weight management

April 2024

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This conference examined next steps for tackling obesity prevention and care in England, looking at policy developments, options going forward, and implications for stakeholders and population health.

It was an opportunity to discuss the future direction of evidence-based obesity policy ahead of an approaching election, in the context of:

  • publication of the Tackling obesity: government strategy alongside the Government food strategy white paper
  • delays to the HFSS food advertising watershed and multibuy promotional offer restrictions
  • NICE approval of the use of weight management drug semaglutide as an option for treating obesity
  • publication of the Major Conditions Strategy: case for change and our strategic framework

Delegates assessed priorities for supporting weight management and options for personalised care, evaluating key issues for improving public health and ensuring the safe delivery of treatment for adults and children.

With the initial framework of the Major Conditions Strategy identifying obesity as a key challenge to healthcare and managing conditions, discussion considered the developing approaches to personalised care, prevention, inequalities and weight management.

We are pleased to have been able to include keynote sessions with: Professor Paul Gately, Professor of Exercise and Obesity, Leeds Beckett University; Dr Annie Williamson, Research Fellow in Health and Social Care, Institute for Public Policy Research; Professor John Wilding, Professor of Medicine and Honorary Consultant Physician, University of Liverpool; and Kate Halliwell, Chief Scientific Officer, Food and Drink Federation. The conference chairs are: Baroness Jenkin of Kennington, Vice Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity; and Richard Sloggett, Founder and Programme Director, Future Health Research.

Overall, areas for discussion included:

  • policy: impact of approaches being developed through the Major Conditions Strategy - what is needed from key stakeholders to achieve targets - alternative strategies approaching a general election
  • prevention: priorities for improving public health - options for HFSS food regulation and taxations
  • local health systems: developing local approaches - the role of effective family and mutual support centres - improving accessibility and referrals
  • industry: the role of retailers, manufacturers and incentives in tackling obesity - priorities for introducing advertising and promotional restrictions - regulation of HFSS and ultra-processed foods
  • evidence-based approaches: strategic pathways and immediate steps for obesity care and prevention in a cost of living landscape - what can be learned from effective policies in the past
  • weight management treatments: the role of weight management drugs in patient care - steps for accessibility and sensitivity - considering options for personalised care pathways

The conference was an opportunity for stakeholders to consider the issues alongside key policy officials who attended from Defra; DHSC; DfE; FSS; FCDO; HM Treasury; NAO; The Scottish Government; and the Welsh Government.

This on-demand pack includes

  • A full video recording of the conference as it took place, with all presentations, Q&A sessions, and remarks from chairs
  • An automated transcript of the conference
  • Copies of the slides used to accompany speaker presentations (subject to permission
  • Access to on-the-day materialfs, including speaker biographies, attendee lists and the agenda