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Next steps for UK food regulation and standards - post-Brexit policy options and implications for key stakeholders, regulatory roles, focus and resources, trade, use of evidence, and opportunities for positive change

February 2023

Price: £150 PLUS VAT

This in-person conference examined the way forward for food regulation and standards in the UK, and the evolving role of the regulators.

It was an opportunity to discuss the impact on key stakeholders in the food and drink sector, health and other public services, local government and communities of options for developing the UK’s regulatory approach following Brexit - as well as implications for trade and international relationships.

Delegates assessed priorities for improving the long-term strategic direction for regulation, following the Regulating after EU Exit report from the Public Accounts Committee, as well as priorities for the Government’s approach as reform in the UK’s regulatory system is considered by policymakers.

Attendees examined the proposals for a new food standards delivery model as part of the FSA’s consultation for updating the Food Law Code of Practice in England - with an expected focus on how resources can be improved and utilised to manage food safety risk.

We are pleased to have been able to include keynote sessions with Professor Susan Jebb, Chair, Food Standards Agency; Geoff Ogle, Chief Executive, Food Standards Scotland; and Helen Munday, President, Institute of Food Science & Technology.

The conference was an opportunity for stakeholders - including those from the food and drinks sector, local government, the legal sector, food science and research, and advocacy groups - to consider the issues alongside key policy officials who are due to attend from CCS; Defra; DHSC; DIT; DAERA, NI; Department of Finance, NI; FCDO; FSA; FSS; GLD; NAO; The Scottish Government Legal Directorate; The Scottish Government; and the Welsh Government - as well as parliamentary pass-holders from both Houses of Parliament.

Sessions in the agenda included:

  • UK-wide priorities: key trends and challenges - next steps for safety, monitoring, imported products and resources
  • food safety: responding to changing business environments and consumer trends - surveillance and tackling food crime - supporting local delivery of food standards and enforcement
  • consumers: priorities for building trust in food regulation and enforcement
  • trade: key issues for international deals and partnerships, food standards, and the UK regulatory regime - navigating challenges around delayed import controls
  • science: opportunities and challenges for an evidence-based UK food policy and regulatory strategy
  • regulation for good: opportunities for public health, children’s nutrition, sustainability, ethics and standards - industry engagement and compliance - supporting a thriving and resilient UK food system 
  • next steps: the evolving role of the FSA and the future for food regulation in the UK

This on-demand pack includes

  • A full video recording of the conference as it took place, with all presentations, Q&A sessions, and remarks from chairs
  • An automated transcript of the conference
  • Copies of the slides used to accompany speaker presentations (subject to permission
  • Access to on-the-day materialfs, including speaker biographies, attendee lists and the agenda