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Next steps for UK energy security - assessing government strategy | home-grown energy production | net zero ambitions | just transition | maximising the grid

December 2023

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This conference focused on priorities for energy security in the UK.

Delegates discussed next steps for decreasing reliance on overseas energy producers and generating sufficient home-grown energy for national needs into the future.

Key stakeholders and policymakers examined initiatives aimed at increasing domestic energy production and security, following:

  • ambitions outlined in the DESNZ’s Powering up Britain policy paper published in March 2023
  • the Energy Act 2023, granted royal assent in October, including measures aimed at increasing UK energy security and reducing costs for consumers
  • legislation announced in the recent King’s Speech aimed at reducing reliance on international energy markets, including support for future licensing of new oil and gas fields

Sessions assessed priorities for ensuring energy security in the UK in line with net zero ambitions, looking at multilateral cooperation, research and innovation, investment and financing models, progress on renewable energy and decarbonisation, and ambitions for the future.

We are pleased to have been able to include keynote sessions with: Rebecca Beresford, Director of Net Zero Strategy and Policy, EDF Energy; Dr Adrian Richardson, Head of Energy Security of Supply, Ofgem; Clive Moffatt, Energy Analyst, Founder and Former Chairman, UK Energy Security Group; Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Shadow Minister for Energy and the Green New Deal; and a senior representative from National Grid ESO.

Overall, areas for discussion included:

  • Government’s energy security plan: assessing proposals and ambitions - Powering up Britain - the Energy Act 2023 - announcements in The King’s Speech - what is needed if its targets are to be achieved
  • Home-grown energy: exploring UK resource capacity - options, strategic pathways and immediate steps for scaling up production - the future mix of nuclear, domestic oil and gas, and renewables
  • Net zero: evaluating sustainability targets - putting in place the investment and innovation needed to decarbonise the energy sector - strategies for energy conservation and demand reduction
  • Geopolitical security: strategic priorities for bilateral and multilateral cooperation to minimise potential future market shocks
  • Maximising the grid: unlocking grid capacity, supply and reach to support network energy supply - ensuring sufficient operation and storage solutions - addressing issues of connectivity and reach
  • Fair transition: energy costs and domestic economic growth - implications for consumers and suppliers - options for policy and support for key stakeholders in ensuring a just transition

The conference was an opportunity for stakeholders to consider the issues alongside key policy officials who attended from the CCC; CCS; DBT; DECC, ROI; DESNZ; Defra; DfE; DfT; DLUHC; Department for Infrastructure, NI; Department for the Economy, NI; DWP; Department of Finance, NI; EA; GLD; Home Office; HSE; MoD; NAO; OBR; UKEF; UKIB; The Scottish Government; and the Welsh Government - as well as parliamentary pass-holders from the House of Commons.

This on-demand pack includes

  • A full video recording of the conference as it took place, with all presentations, Q&A sessions, and remarks from chairs
  • An automated transcript of the conference
  • Copies of the slides used to accompany speaker presentations (subject to permission
  • Access to on-the-day materials, including speaker biographies, attendee lists and the agenda