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Next steps for EdTech in England - policy developments, market trends and opportunities, priorities for schools and teachers, raising pupil attainment, and improving online accessibility and safety

December 2022

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This conference focused on the future of EdTech in England’s schools.

Bringing together stakeholders in the education and technology sectors with policymakers, areas for discussion included:

  • the changing EdTech landscape: key developments in its use and changes in the requirements of schools
  • the EdTech market: with the DfE’s report, the EdTech market in England, highlighting both the supply of EdTech products and services, and the demand for EdTech from schools. Delegates will discuss geographical trends, the market segments covered by EdTech, and resources available for students with SEND
  • EdTech implementation in educational settings: assessing key challenges faced by schools, such as budgetary constraints and staff knowledge, and how these could be overcome

Following the publication of DfE’s Future opportunities for education technology in England review, the agenda included best practice case studies, both domestically and internationally in the use of EdTech in the classroom and across the curriculum.

Delegates also assessed implications of changes in technology in the home environment for schools, technology providers and households - and how best to tackle inequalities and address regional variation in EdTech provision.

There was also discussion on how students and staff can safely use EdTech. This came following a report from the 5Rights Foundation into data governance in UK schools, which outlined concerns surrounding the collection of children’s data whilst they are using technology.

Further areas for discussion included:

  • technology modernisation: keeping pace with upgrades and developments in technology in schools - improving infrastructure - supporting staff confidence and skills
  • raising attainment: maximising the role of EdTech in improving digital skills and educational outcomes for learners - tackling digital poverty and accessibility issues - serving the needs of teachers

We are pleased to have been able to include keynote sessions with Bridie Tooher, Deputy Director, Digital Strategy for Education, Department for Education; Caroline Wright, Director General, British Educational Suppliers Association; Vipul Bhargava, Education Technology and International Schools Specialist, Department for International Trade; and Louise Hooper, Barrister, Garden Court Chambers, London; and Member, Digital Futures Commission.

This pack includes

  • Dropbox video recording of the conference
  • PDF transcript of the discussion, including all speaker remarks and Q&A
  • PDFs of speakers' slide material (subject to permission)
  • PDFs of the delegate pack, including speaker biographies and attendee list
  • PDFs of delegate articles