Westminster Health Forum

Priorities for the NHS Assembly and delivering the NHS Long Term Plan

Morning, Wednesday, 5th February 2020

Central London


The NHS Assembly has been established to advise and drive the implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Delegates will discuss the priorities for the Assembly and its programme of work going forward.

Key issues include how to ensure effective representation within the Assembly - and engagement with NHS bodies, patients, local government and industry - to allow for the successful work of the Assembly and achievement of the aims in the Long Term Plan.

In the wider context of the NHS Long Term Plan implementation framework, delegates will assess the next steps for its delivery - looking at:

  • patient engagement;
  • service redesign; and
  • next steps for policy.

The agenda

  • Key issues for the NHS Assembly: engagement, representation and strategic direction;
  • Delivering goals within the NHS Long Term Plan - including:
    • Patient, public and carer involvement;
    • Health and social care integration;
    • Personalised care;
    • Efficiency, productivity and reducing unwarranted variation; and
    • Funding allocations and meeting performance targets.
  • Overcoming barriers to delivery: collaborating and partnering, service redesign and supporting innovations - as well as:
    • Progress of Integrated Care Systems in redesigning local systems;  
    • Incentivising prevention and population health;
    • Priorities for recruitment, retention and delivering the NHS People Plan;
    • Utilising technology across health and social care; and
    • Translating health research into adoptable and scalable innovations.
  • Next steps for policy.

The NHS Long Term Plan - national and local delivery, and integration with wider policy objectives

Delegates will discuss progress on the delivery of the NHS Long Term Plan which aims to deliver improved care for patients over the next 10 years, with goals around:

  • increasing the availability of personalised care;
  • rolling out integrated care systems and primary care networks;
  • improving prevention and tackling health inequalities; and
  • supporting the NHS workforce and the use of digital technology and data.

With local areas required to publish 5-year plans outlining how they will work towards the goals of the Long Term Plan at the end of 2019, delegates will discuss how these strategic plans can deliver on service improvement and prevention, and effectively engage with local authorities and drive innovation. Discussion will also look at the scope for the plans evolving over the 5-year period.

Following the publication of Advancing Our Health: Prevention in the 2020s, we expect discussion on:

  • the alignment of the goals in the Long Term Plan with wider policy initiatives,
  • what more can be done to promote cross sector working with partners across local authorities and public health; and
  • priorities for utilising population health management more widely.

Service redesign and the progress of Integrated Care Systems

Attendees will assess the next steps for meeting goals to roll out Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across the country by 2021, including:

  • the progress of service redesign in local areas,
  • how best to improve collaboration with partners outside the NHS, and
  • the role of the NHS Assembly in supporting the delivery of this target.

Delegates will look at overcoming barriers to delivery, developing effective decision-making and management of resources in ICS and ways to avoid variation in health care quality between systems, as well as any lessons that can be learned from progress so far.

Innovation and adoption

Further sessions will consider how to better utilise and integrate digital technology, data and emerging technology such as AI and robotics across health and social care in a way which can improve patient care, prevention and the general efficiency of systems - as well as the priorities for supporting collaboration between the NHS and industry partners.

With the Long Term Plan putting a key focus on research and innovation to achieve its improvement aims, delegates will discuss:

  • where research and investment should be focused;
  • how to translate health research into the innovation required to meet the aims within the plan;
  • the role of agencies such as NHS Digital and NHSX; and
  • how to ensure that research is accessible and successfully adopted.

Workforce, engagement and training

Delegates will discuss the priorities for delivering the Interim NHS People Plan which sets out how the NHS workforce will be developed to deliver the service required to meet the vision of the Long Term Plan along with priorities for developing multidisciplinary clinical teams and leaders across the NHS, and improving recruitment, training and retention.

Keynote Speaker

Chris Hopson

Chief Executive, NHS Providers and Member, NHS Assembly

Keynote Speaker

Chris Hopson

Chief Executive, NHS Providers and Member, NHS Assembly


Lucy Watts

Member, NHS Assembly and Patient Leader

Dr Karen Kirkham

Clinical Lead, Dorset Integrated Care System; Assistant Clinical Chair, Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group and National Clinical Advisor, Primary Care, NHS England

James Hawkins

Director of Strategy, NHS Digital