Policy Forum for London

Priorities for the London Plan - land use, infrastructure and 'good growth'

May 2017

This seminar considered the future for policy affecting planning and development in the Capital.

It was timed to facilitate engagement on the development of a new London Plan, which sets out the Mayor's strategic spatial plan for areas such as housing, transport, environment and economic development, and provides an overarching framework for local planning at borough level.

Sessions focused on challenges and opportunities presented by the Mayor's stated priorities for the London Plan, looking in particular at the future of land use and its relation to employment; intensifying housing near transport hubs; supporting heritage and the night-time economy; and delivering the Mayor's aims for "good growth" - including the promotion of green spaces, affordability and social integration. Discussion also took place on the possible implications of Brexit for planning - for example, on environmental impact assessments.

The agenda also brought out discussion relating to national planning policy - in the context of the publication of the Housing White Paper, which put forward proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework, and set out measures to speed up development and intensify housing.

Discussion was also informed by the Neighbourhood Planning Bill - which included measures to simplify the neighbourhood planning and compulsory purchase order processes - as well as the ongoing delivery of nationally significant infrastructure in the Capital.

The seminar brought together policymakers with frontline stakeholders from housing, planning and architecture, investors, transport providers, businesses and their legal advisors, local authorities, consumer and tenant groups, environment and sustainability campaigners, charities, consultants, regulators, and reporters from the national and trade press.

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Shortly after every Policy Forum for London seminar, a briefing document is produced. This is distributed to all delegates on the day as well as to our policymaker contacts in government, and to stakeholders more widely.

A seminar publication provides a timely record of proceedings, and acts as a guide to the latest thinking on current policy issues for those unable to be at the event.

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