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22/02/2018 | Agriculture at the fore of Brexit ‘speed dating’

The Scottish Farmer

22/02/2018 | More teachers are needed to stave off a classroom crisis

The Visitor

15/02/2018 | Massive permit charge hikes reflect staff efforts, says EA chair

Farmers Guardian

12/02/2018 | The Need for a Sustainable Health Service Model


11/02/2018 | Teacher workload crisis threatens examiner recruitment

Schools Week

11/02/2018 | Teachers need proper sex education training, warn experts

Schools Week

09/02/2018 | Your guide to implementing the Homelessness Reduction Act


08/02/2018 | Ofsted: Technology is shaping boys' attitudes to women


02/02/2018 | Westminster Food & Nutrition Seminar: competitiveness, skills and open markets

New Food Magazine

02/02/2018 | Lack of tech in exams is denying pupils their ‘normal way of working’

Schools Week

02/02/2018 | Ofqual: Teachers who leak exam questions corrode confidence in the system


31/01/2018 | Brexit reversal ‘won’t happen’ tourism leaders told

Travel Weekly

26/01/2018 | CWU: Royal Mail CDC possible without legislation

Professional Pensions

25/01/2018 | Stock market-listed firms no riskier than any other, says SRA chief

The Law Society Gazette

25/01/2018 | Firm Ownership structure “irrelevant” when assessing financial failure risk

Today's Conveyancer

25/01/2018 | Law firm ownership “completely irrelevant” to risk, says SRA director

Legal Futures

25/01/2018 | Wrap – should polystyrene be banned?


22/01/2018 | NHS England admits GP system sepsis alerts were 'over-triggered'


22/01/2018 | SEND experts demand review of high-needs funding rules

Schools Week

19/01/2018 | Some UK universities are shaking off the Brexit blues

University World News

19/01/2018 | Regulator can't intervene just because of public disquiet, says legal director

Third Sector

19/01/2018 | We need a new Charities Act, sector tells government

Civil Society

18/01/2018 | Flagship social mobility programme risked 'overloading' schools, DfE official reveals


18/01/2018 | TNE could widen access to world’s poorest communities

University World News

18/01/2018 | Divide between onshore and offshore campuses blurring

University World News

17/01/2018 | Is social mobility really about school cash?


17/01/2018 | Pharmacy education leads call for better pre-reg and post-reg training


16/01/2018 | Westminster: DoT’s Ella Taylor on transport changes and challenges

ITS International

16/01/2018 | 'We're on the edge of collapse': Angry heads confront DfE funding boss


16/01/2018 | RPS calls on NHS England to fund innovative community pharmacy work

The Pharmaceutical Journal

12/01/2018 | Food labelling should reflect health policy: consultant

Food Manufacture

30/12/2017 | UUK group chair says students should declare mental health on university applications

The Boar

20/12/2017 | The Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs’ keynote speech at Policy Forum for Wales energy event on 7 December 2017

Welsh Government

08/12/2017 | Agricultural ‘power grab’ will see break-up of UK

Food Manufacture

08/12/2017 | Indemnity provider calls for clarity over state-backed scheme


07/12/2017 | Students should declare mental health problems on applications, Universities UK wellbeing chief says

The Telegraph

07/12/2017 | General practice is doomed unless we change direction


07/12/2017 | Calls to boycott new baseline assessment trials – which won’t even start until 2019

Schools Week

07/12/2017 | Patients need to be more 'accountable' for their health, suggests GP mental health lead


07/12/2017 | “We’re not like Uber or the other gig economy companies” – Hermes

Personnel Today

07/12/2017 | Patients need to be more 'accountable' for their health, suggests GP mental health lead


07/12/2017 | Agricultural ‘power grab’ will see break-up of UK

Farmers Guardian

07/12/2017 | Reception baseline tests: 'Parents could boycott the trials'


06/12/2017 | Taylor review on hold as government stalls on reform

The Law Society Gazette

05/12/2017 | National Citizen Service faces staffing challenge as programme for schools grows

Schools Week

05/12/2017 | National Citizen Service faces staffing challenge as programme for schools grows

Schools Week

30/11/2017 | US copyright exception loses EU rightsholders £33m in royalties


29/11/2017 | Six years after it was due to begin, BSB pulls the plug on QASA

Legal Futures

29/11/2017 | Quality scheme for criminal advocates finally abandoned

The Law Society Gazette

28/11/2017 | Experts demand ‘national strategy’ for tech procurement as school spending drops

Schools Week

28/11/2017 | Fundraising Regulator upholds complaint against charity

Civil Society

24/11/2017 | Londoners Told to Mind The Gap (It's 150 Feet) on Crossrail Line


24/11/2017 | C2E - Crossrail 1 1/2?


23/11/2017 | HSE chief says political consensus exists how to develop care plan


23/11/2017 | Key stage 3 history 'is being taught in 38 hours'


23/11/2017 | NHS director: National minor ailments scheme may not be suitable


22/11/2017 | Ofcom boss urges BBC to lead the way on diversity

Evening Express

22/11/2017 | Campaigner calls for change in TV industry following Weinstein scandal

Belfast Telegraph

22/11/2017 | Post-study work crucial post-Brexit – UUKi

The Pie

20/11/2017 | 'No long-term evidence' backing GP streaming in A&E, says leading GP


18/11/2017 | 'For now, things may be politically peaceful for independent schools, but trouble lies ahead…'


17/11/2017 | Councils need to better communicate innovation impact

The MJ

16/11/2017 | Ofsted to move away from passing judgments

The MJ

12/11/2017 | Ofsted: Small private school leaders don’t know how to improve teaching

Schools Week

09/11/2017 | SEND pupils ‘pushed out’ of mainstream schools, new data shows

Schools Week

09/11/2017 | '1 in 5 teachers aware of illegal SEND exclusions'


08/11/2017 | 'Speedy justice' deterring magistrates from releasing offenders

The Law Society Gazette

07/11/2017 | Private schools should join multi-academy trusts, says ISC chair

Schools Week

07/11/2017 | DfE set to 'get tough' on failing independent schools


07/11/2017 | Advantages of going to university 'less than they were', says ISC chair


06/11/2017 | I am humbled by those who have opened their eyes to sight loss

The Telegraph

01/11/2017 | Cancer Research UK opt-in percentage for telephone ‘in single figures’

Civil Society

01/11/2017 | Only 4 per cent of public have heard of FPS

Civil Society

01/11/2017 | No definitive way to deal with the GDPR, says Direct Marketing Association

Third Sector

31/10/2017 | We are not using a sledgehammer to collect the levy, says Fundraising Regulator chief

Third Sector

30/10/2017 | Prevention and person-centred care should be mainstream in new models of care

The Pharmaceutical Journal

26/10/2017 | Welsh Secretary: UK Government is investing in Swansea’s infrastructure for the long term

Office of the Secretary of State for Wales

26/10/2017 | Social Prescribing: can the NHS make it mainstream?


24/10/2017 | Netflix reiterates that it has no intention of introducing ad breaks or live TV

The Drum

24/10/2017 | Mental health green paper will tackle risks of social media

Schools Week

24/10/2017 | New guidance to improve vision screening for young children

Public Health England

19/10/2017 | Five things to be positive on the future of children’s mental health

Schools Week

12/10/2017 | UK lenders plan biggest consumer lending curb since late 2008 -BoE


12/10/2017 | ‘We chip our dogs,’ head of Olympians’ group says, so why not athletes to fight doping?

The Washington Post

11/10/2017 | London health and care devolution plans to be finalised by end of year

The Pharmaceutical Journal

11/10/2017 | Athletes should be implanted with microchips in order to catch drug cheats, says Olympians’ chief

Cycling Week

10/10/2017 | Microchip athletes 'like dogs' to stop doping, says Olympians' chief

The Telegraph

10/10/2017 | Call for athletes to be fitted with microchips in fight against drug cheats

The Guardian

10/10/2017 | Child Protection in Sport chief says loophole must be closed

The Telegraph

27/09/2017 | Spurious NAO claims are not helping the NHS or access to justice

Litigation Futures

25/09/2017 | IAB: 'folly' to hide brand's role in native ads and influencer posts

Campaign Live

22/09/2017 | AMR and diagnostics: pointing the way to better infection control

The Pharmaceutical Journal

21/09/2017 | UK ad regulator singles out Instagram for failing to label paid-for content

The Drum

20/09/2017 | Changes to food labelling will be a delicate issue post-Brexit


18/09/2017 | Compensation culture damaging patients' ability to access GPs

Practice Business

14/09/2017 | GP morale hit by worrying rise in indemnity costs, MDU warns

National Health Executive

14/09/2017 | Brexit uncertainty blamed for drop in use of London transport

The Independent

14/09/2017 | NHS 'compensation culture' reduces patient access to GPs


10/08/2017 | The evolving conversation around fake news and potential solutions

Media Policy Project Blog

14/07/2017 | Consumers pose biggest barrier to low-carbon heat

Utility Week

14/07/2017 | The Fake News Network: a look at Facebook’s role in a crisis of trust, democracy and security

The Drum

14/07/2017 | Facebook’s values in the age of fake news

Broadband TV News

12/07/2017 | Court closures: Judge warns of impact on youth justice

The Law Society Gazette

10/07/2017 | Update from Westminster Health Forum: Next Steps for Medical Technologies, Devices, and Diagnostics


30/06/2017 | Acute trusts can now draw down GDE funds, almost

Digital Health

29/06/2017 | Heathrow to boost employee low emission vehicle-use


16/06/2017 | National Clean Air Day highlights need for immediate action to solve UK's air pollution problem


14/06/2017 | Solicitor super-exam WILL change how big City law firms hire trainees, insists SRA boss

Legal Cheek

13/06/2017 | SQE: one provider could offer both training and exam

The Law Society Gazette

13/06/2017 | Solicitor super-exam: Students able to take LPC and GDL into the 2030s

Legal Cheek

06/06/2017 | Seizing the opportunity to understand capacity


02/06/2017 | UK distribution network operators: frantic energy storage activity

pv magazine

26/05/2017 | Exclusive: DfE adviser calls for maths GCSE resits U-turn


17/05/2017 | All GPs will go salaried to the detriment of patients, predicts senior GP leader


15/05/2017 | Want to build homes? Be a thrifty philanthropist

Construction News

12/05/2017 | Brexit likely to change UK haulage market, says RHA

UK Haulier

10/05/2017 | The future of HR: Embrace technology, but stay human

Personnel Today

06/05/2017 | Calls For Government To Protect RIS2


04/05/2017 | Private money needed for post-Brexit rural policies

Farmers Weekly

02/05/2017 | Technology will democratise future recruitment for the better argues Westminster Forum panel

HR News

02/05/2017 | Tesco wants traffic light labels to include exercise

Food Manufacture

28/04/2017 | Tax on sugary drinks may be extended after review

Food Manufacture

27/04/2017 | UK energy storage: government in no hurry

PV Magazine

26/04/2017 | Checking into a Brexit discussion at the Hilton hotel, Belfast


10/04/2017 | Giving a voice to the UK’s regional airports

Airport Technology

08/04/2017 | 'Teachers believe their profession should be evidence-informed – not unreasonably, they'd like the same from education policy-making'


04/04/2017 | NHS needs AHP workforce data, CSP’s Steve Tolan says

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

13/03/2017 | GPs struggling to access digital funding, NHS England told

Digital Health

10/03/2017 | Game-playing to continue in REF 2021, conference told

Times Higher Education

09/03/2017 | Lord Dunlop spoke at Scotland Policy conference, Edinburgh

Scotland Office

09/03/2017 | Collaboration Key to Successful Food Supply Chain Post-Brexit, Says NFU

The Pig Site

08/03/2017 | Consumers being 'let down' by poor labelling in supermarkets

Farming UK

07/03/2017 | 'I'll resign rather than make crippling cuts,' headteacher tells top Department for Education official


07/03/2017 | More heads consider resigning over funding cuts

Schools Week

07/03/2017 | Manufacturers face shaming over sugar targets

Food Manufacture

01/03/2017 | Teachers are increasingly unwilling to move to Welsh schools according to a recruitment agency

Wales Online

28/02/2017 | Brexit and the sentencing guidelines: what’s next for OSH?

Health and Safety Legislation and Regulation

27/02/2017 | Apprenticeships failing young women


22/02/2017 | Lighting the way


16/02/2017 | European NHS staff ‘frightened and anxious’ over Brexit uncertainty

National Health Executive

13/02/2017 | Westminster Social Policy Forum Keynote Seminar: Next Steps For Charities, Fundraising, Governance and Social Investment

IBB Solicitors

13/02/2017 | Greater focus needed to upskill 'ignored' current registered nursing workforce

Nursing Times

10/02/2017 | Quality Assurance, New Providers and the Impact of the TEF

The Knowledge Partnership

09/02/2017 | 'Careers leaders' needed to boost advice in schools


09/02/2017 | https://www.civilsociety.co.uk/news/charities-afraid-to-stand-up-for-themselves-says-new-acevo-chief.html

Civil Society

09/02/2017 | https://www.civilsociety.co.uk/fundraising/review-of-fundraising-was-pretty-depressing.html

Fundraising Magazine

08/02/2017 | National Data Guardian to review health data sharing on illegal immigrants

Digital Health

08/02/2017 | https://www.digitalhealth.net/2017/02/twenty-nhs-digital-fast-follower-trusts/

Digital Health

06/02/2017 | Editorial: The future of science in a post-Brexit world

Global University Venturing

03/02/2017 | Westminster Legal Policy Forum: Lawyers and industry professionals talk UPC and Brexit

World Intellectual Property Review

03/02/2017 | Mark Walport named as new head of UKRI

Chemistry World

02/02/2017 | Fears for UK solicitors over patent court rights of audience

The Law Society Gazette

02/02/2017 | NICE to bring HTA processes to mobile health apps