Westminster Business Forum

The future for the UK’s outbound tourism industry - Brexit, consumer priorities and sector growth

Morning, Thursday, 14th March 2019

Central London


This seminar is bringing together stakeholders from across the sector with policymakers to assess the key growth areas for outbound tourism - and provide an industry insight on how the sector can adapt to emerging economic, social, political, environmental and technological trends.

Following a time of uncertainty for the tourism industry it will be an opportunity to discuss how the industry can remain competitive, priorities for consumer protection and the future of Europe as a major travel destination.

With the expected publication of the Government’s Aviation Strategy attendees will examine its proposals aimed at improving passenger experience, fostering competition and increasing international travel capacity.

Delegates will assess what is needed to support the increasing growth of the industry in terms of removing barriers to competition, and increasing the capacity and connectivity of airports, while also ensuring the sustainability of the sector.          

Further sessions will consider consumer protection as the CMA takes forward the next steps of its consumer law investigation into hotel booking sites, which is examining issues around fees paid by consumers and hotels, the use of pressure selling, and search result rankings.     

Keynote Speaker

Mark Tanzer

Chief Executive, ABTA


Baroness Crawley

Nigel Huddleston MP


Andrew Brown

Sales and Marketing Director, Travel Money, Post Office

James Walker

Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Resolver

Gwénaëlle Delos

Managing Director, UK and Ireland, Atout France

Rob Griggs

Policy and Public Affairs Director, Airlines UK

Cecilia Parker Aranha

Project Director, Competition and Markets Authority

Jean-Philippe Monod de Froideville

Vice President, Government & Corporate Affairs, Expedia

Stephen Mason

Senior Partner, TravLaw