Westminster Business Forum

Pensions policy and regulation - the Pensions Bill, the future for DB and DC and priorities for CDC

Morning, Thursday, 11th July 2019

Central London


This seminar will consider next steps for pensions policy and regulation in the UK.

Discussion will focus on the future for defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) schemes, the forthcoming new powers for the pensions regulator, and the establishment of collective defined contribution (CDC) schemes in the UK.

It will be an opportunity for stakeholders and key policymakers to discuss priorities for the Pensions Bill ahead of its introduction in Parliament, which is expected to set out the legislative framework for a number of significant proposed reforms.

The conference will be an opportunity to discuss the Government’s response to its consultation on delivering CDC pension schemes, which sets out proposals for the legislative and regulatory regime for CDC in the UK.

Delegates will consider the likely effectiveness of the proposed framework and how the Bill could best address concerns around the feasibility of CDC schemes - including how scheme members can best be protected and made aware of the risks and advantages associated with new schemes, ensuring inter-generational fairness within schemes, and the likely effectiveness of CDC schemes in addressing issues for business with legacy pension funds.

In light of questions in consultation responses around the likely effectiveness of new superfund consolidation vehicles in addressing funds with significant shortfall, sessions will consider how policymakers and stakeholders can ensure that new funds aren’t only an alternative for well-funded existing funds, as well as the appropriate regulatory regime for the new funds and addressing the complexities of merging funds.   

As the Government considers feedback to its proposals which aim to encourage DC funds to diversify investment the agenda looks at what more is needed to help funds increase their returns for members and the risks posed by funds entering new asset classes and ensuring transparency.      

The agenda will also include a case study looking at global pension funds and how different governments are using policy to adapt pensions systems - with discussion on how these approaches might inform UK policy and practice. 

Following the Government announcing that the Pensions Regulator will be granted new powers as part of the Pensions Bill, delegates will discuss the likely effectiveness of the new powers to prevent future fund failures, and what else is needed to support effective governance of funds.

Keynote Speakers

Julian Barker

Defined Benefit Team Leader, Department for Work and Pensions

David Fairs

Executive Director of Regulatory Policy, Analysis and Advice, The Pensions Regulator

Keynote Speakers

David Fairs

Executive Director of Regulatory Policy, Analysis and Advice, The Pensions Regulator

Julian Barker

Defined Benefit Team Leader, Department for Work and Pensions

Professor Ania Zalewska

Professor of Finance, University of Bath


Baroness Drake

Vice Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Pensions


Simon Taylor

Partner, Barnett Waddingham

Terry Pullinger

Deputy General Secretary, Postal, Communication Workers Union

Jon Millidge

Chief Risk and Governance Officer, Royal Mail

Rosalind Connor

Partner, ARC Pension Law

Councillor Yvonne Johnson

Chair, Pension Fund Panel, Ealing Council

Rosalind Connor

Partner, ARC Pension Law

Alan Miller

Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner, SCM Direct

Chris Curry

Director, Pensions Policy Institute

Alistair McQueen

Head of Savings and Retirement, Aviva

Adam Saron

Chief Executive Officer, Clara Pensions