Westminster Business Forum

Payments policy and regulation - infrastructure, innovation and end-user priorities

Morning, Thursday, 23rd January 2020

Central London


This conference will discuss payments policy and regulation in the UK.

Areas for discussion include:

  • Regulation and the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) Market Review into the supply of card-acquiring services;
  • The establishment of the New Payments Architecture and the renewal of the Real Time Gross Settlement;
  • Preventing payment fraud; and
  • Innovation, access to payment services, and the evolving landscape for UK payments.


There will be keynote contributions from: Chris Hemsley, Managing Director, Payment Systems Regulator; Paul Horlock, Chief Executive Officer, Pay UK; John Howells, Chief Executive Officer, Link and Christina Segal-Knowles, Executive Director, Financial Markets Infrastructure, Bank of England.

Further confirmed speakers: Otto Benz, Lloyds Banking Group; Mark Falcon, Zephyre; Martin Kearsley, Post Office; Genevieve Lloyd, Which?; Lorence Nye, Federation of Small Businesses; Hardik Shah, Currencies Direct; and Dr Daniel Tischer, University of Bristol.

The agenda

  • Priorities for the regulation of payment systems;
  • Development of retail payment in the UK - access, infrastructure, and competition;
  • Ensuring the stability of the UK’s payment infrastructure and priorities for the Real Time Gross Settlement renewal;
  • The future for the UK’s ATM network;
  • Innovation, consumer access to services, and preventing fraud; and
  • Next steps for the establishment of the New Payments Architecture.

Keynote Speaker

Paul Horlock

Chief Executive Officer, Pay.UK

Keynote Speakers

Chris Hemsley

Managing Director, Payment Systems Regulator

Christina Segal-Knowles

Executive Director, Financial Markets Infrastructure, Bank of England

Paul Horlock

Chief Executive Officer, Pay.UK


Lord Razzall


Martin Kearsley

Director, Banking Service, Post Office

Mark Falcon

Director, Zephyre

Otto Benz

Director, Payments Technical Services, Lloyds Banking Group

Dr Daniel Tischer

Lecturer, School of Economics, Finance and Management, University of Bristol

John Howells

Chief Executive Officer, Link

Lorence Nye

Senior Policy Advisor, Federation of Small Businesses

Genevieve Lloyd

Senior Campaigner, Which?

Hardik Shah

Group Head of Product, Currencies Direct