Westminster Business Forum

Fintech in the UK - regulation, innovation and growth

Morning, Thursday, 2nd April 2020

Central London


This conference will consider key issues for the future of UK FinTech.

Discussion will focus on:

  • How regulation is responding to new innovative financial products, platforms, and models; and
  • Priorities for the growth of the FinTech sector and the direction of policy for the new government.

The seminar is timed with the FCA seeking feedback as it seeks to ensure that the regulatory framework can keep pace with developments and warns that more resources are needed to adapt regulations to address concerns around the increasing use of AI, big data and crypto-assets.

We are pleased to include a keynote contribution at this conference from Nick Cook, Director of Innovation, FCA.

Delegates will examine a range of work being taken forward by the FCA in relation to FinTech, including:


As well as Nick Cook, there will be a keynote address from: Charlotte Crosswell, Chief Executive Officer, Innovate Finance.

Further confirmed speakers include: Professor Carol Alexander, University of Sussex; Tom Bull, EY; Kevin Chong, Investec; Samir Dahmani, Suade; Jacqui Hatfield, Orrick; Faith Reynolds, Financial Services Consumer Panel; Christopher Singh, Revolut and Ioana Surpateanu, Citi.

The agenda:

  • Adapting the regulatory regime to respond to the latest innovation in financial services;
  • The future for FinTech - an industry perspective;
  • Supporting the growth of UK FinTech domestically and internationally;
  • Regulatory priorities for FinTech - emerging technologies, compliance and consumer protection; and
  • The future development of FinTech - skills, investment and regional expansion.

Engagement with policy officials at this conference

Westminster Business Forum conferences typically attract strong interest from policymakers. This seminar will be an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with officials who have reserved places representing: BEIS; DIT; HMRC and HM Treasury.

Keynote Speaker

Charlotte Crosswell

Chief Executive Officer, Innovate Finance

Keynote Speakers

Charlotte Crosswell

Chief Executive Officer, Innovate Finance

Nick Cook

Director of Innovation, FCA


Ed Leon Klinger

CEO, Flock

Kevin Chong

Co-Head, Emerging Companies, Investec

Ioana Surpateanu

Director, Government Affairs, Citi

Professor Carol Alexander

Professor of Finance, University of Sussex

Samir Dahmani

Regtech Engineer, Suade

Jacqui Hatfield

Partner and Head, UK Financial Regulation, Orrick

Tom Bull

UK Fintech Leader, EY