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Next steps for diversity and inclusion in the finance sector

Morning, Tuesday, 12th December 2023

This conference focuses on next steps for improving diversity and inclusion (D&I) within the finance sector.

As the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority conduct their consultation on a proposed new regulatory framework, it will be an opportunity for stakeholders and policymakers to discuss key issues.

Delegates will examine regulatory proposals for mandatory disclosure of a range of employee characteristics. They will assess practical issues related to privacy, data protection, how information will be utilised, and practicalities of enforcement, as well as alternative approaches to achieving the aim of a more diverse and inclusive financial sector.

Further sessions look at challenges for firms operating internationally in achieving D&I across different cultural norms and varying international markets, and how they are being addressed.

We also expect discussion on priorities for the sector, government and regulatory bodies in tackling misogyny and sexual misconduct, as the Treasury Committee continues it Sexism in the City inquiry.

The agenda includes case studies on effective implementation of diversity across financial firms, including changing culture and organisational practices, benchmarking and measurement, and the impact of AI and wider innovation. Speakers will share experiences in the areas of use of research, support networks, and employee hubs and resources.

We are pleased to be able to include keynote sessions with: Jason Buwanabala, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager, PwC; Benedicte Perowne, Partner, Osborne Clarke; and Damien Shieber, Head of Culture and Experience, Schroders; and Board Member, Progress Together.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • policy and regulation: FCA/PRS proposals - the Sexism in the City Treasury Committee Inquiry - implications and effectiveness - progress and options for improving D&I in financial services
  • data and reporting: examining concerns and potential benefits for collection of data on employee characteristics - data privacy, stewardship and use - governance, transparency and accountability
  • best practice: exploring effective strategies for enhancing D&I - examples of successful implementation - organisational practices and culture - benchmarking and measurement
  • multinational challenges: tackling challenges faced by financial firms which operate globally - cultural norms and key markets - latest thinking on approaches, solutions and implementation
  • innovation: assessing potential impact of AI and tech on D&I - opportunities for tackling key challenges for advancing D&I - tackling possible challenges in areas such as recruitment

The conference will be an opportunity for stakeholders to consider the issues alongside key policy officials who are due to attend from DBT; Department for the Economy, NI; DfT; HMRC; HM Treasury; NAO; The Scottish Government; and the Welsh Government.

Keynote Speakers

Jason Buwanabala

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Senior Manager, PwC

Benedicte Perowne

Partner, Osborne Clarke

Keynote Speakers

Benedicte Perowne

Partner, Osborne Clarke

Damien Shieber

Head of Culture and Experience, Schroders; and Board Member, Progress Together

Jason Buwanabala

Diversity and Inclusion Consulting Senior Manager, PwC


Pamela Jones

Diversity, Inclusion & Leadership Consultant, EW Group

Leanne MacMillan

Director of Global, Stonewall

Simon Hills

Director, Prudential Policy, UK Finance

Priti Verma

Chief Risk Officer, Quilter

Jason Butwick

Partner, Dechert

Danni Davies

Associate, Latham & Watkins

David Stillwell

Professor of Computational Social Science, Cambridge University Judge Business School

Jenny Baskerville

Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Social Equality, KPMG

Anna Dilku

Group Social Media Manager, and Co-Chair, Aviva Origins, Aviva

Anna Lane

Chief Executive Officer, The Wisdom Council; and Chief Executive Officer, Women in Banking and Finance

Nicholas Miller

Chief Executive, The Bridge Group

Angela Matthews

Head of Policy and Research, Business Disability Forum