Westminster Business Forum

Developing the Liverpool City Region Local Industrial Strategy - inclusive growth, innovation and wellbeing

Morning, Thursday, 26th March 2020

Central Liverpool


This conference will be an opportunity to assess key elements of the Liverpool City Region Local Industrial Strategy following its expected publication.

Discussion will focus on prospects for the strategy to meet its aims of increasing productivity and developing an inclusive economy - as set out in a position statement published in July of this year - including:

  • Maximising prosperity for individuals and communities across the region, and
  • Addressing Liverpool’s longstanding challenges - particularly in health, employment, skills, and connectivity.

A senior representative of Liverpool City Region Combined Authority will be delivering a keynote presentation at the seminar.

The agenda in summary

  • What the Strategy means for Liverpool’s communities and business;
  • Tackling social challenges, including mental health, poverty, and inequality;
  • Supporting business growth and innovation, and addressing the skills challenge facing Liverpool;
  • Priorities for low carbon transport, regeneration and new homes; and
  • How the Liverpool Strategy fits within the Government’s wider Industrial Strategy.

Keynote Speaker

Aileen Jones

Assistant Director, Policy and Strategic Commissioning, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority


Dale Milburn

Executive Director, Regeneration and Economic Development, Knowsley Council

Dr Sophie Wickham

Wellcome Trust Research Fellow, Public Health & Policy, University of Liverpool

Matthew Ashton

Director of Public Health, Sefton Council

Peter Carew

Director, Research and Development, Unilever University

Elaine Bowker

Principal and Chief Executive, The City of Liverpool College