Westminster Business Forum

Assessing developments and future options for corporate reporting regulation in the UK - transparency, enforcement and governance powers

Morning, Thursday, 28th February 2019

Central London


This timely seminar will consider next steps for financial reporting and corporate governance powers in the UK - looking at options for improving accountability, stewardship and the future for regulation.

It is scheduled to follow planned publication of the independent review into the purpose and role of the Financial Reporting Council (FRC).

Delegates will assess the key outcomes and recommendations of the review, with discussion expected on its effectiveness and increased accountability to Government, the Council’s possible classification as a public body, and its future powers in relation to regulatory action that can be taken against auditors and businesses.

They will also look at the FRC’s wider role in safeguarding the UK’s business environment and the implications of the review on the possible strengthening of the UK’s financial reporting framework in future and the possible impact on businesses.

The conference will also discuss the FRC’s current work, including the impact of the anticipated reforms to its UK Stewardship Code expected later this year, looking at the standards companies should adhere to, and making clear overall expectations and responsibilities of those affected at different points in the investment chain.

Discussion is also expected to reflect the BEIS Select Committee report on the gender pay gap, including recommendations on requirements on businesses report on gender pay gap and to publish action plans and reports on actions to close the gap, as well as the consequences of non-adherence.

Delegates will also consider the impact of Government’s corporate governance reforms - including changes to directors’ duties in relation to best practice and responsible behaviour, the role of stakeholders and associated issues of pay ratio reporting and improving diversity at board level, as well as reforms to private companies including the Wates Corporate Governance Principals due to be published in December.


Keynote Speaker

Senior speaker confirmed from Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy


John Hunter

Director, UK Shareholders’ Association

James Jarvis

Corporate Governance Analyst, Institute of Directors

Catherine Howarth

Chief Executive, ShareAction