Westminster Business Forum

Priorities for consumer credit: the future for regulation, ensuring consumer protection and supporting innovation

Morning, Thursday, 6th December 2018

Central London


Timed to discuss the Financial Conduct Authority’s Review of the Consumer Credit Act as the Government considers its recommendations - this seminar will bring together policymakers and key stakeholders to discuss the options for ensuring consumer protection and developing industry standards.

Delegates will consider the future for information requirements, pre-contract disclosure and transparency when dealing with credit - as well as enforcement and sanctions with discussion on the Consumer Credit Association powers - and will assess the possible impact of FCA rules on assessing creditworthiness and affordability in consumer credit, and the future for implementation.

Those attending will look at the effective use of data in the future of consumer credit - particularly in ensuring integrity in the system and in the promotion of open banking principles, and will examine the future for Credit Reference Agencies.

Further sessions will look at the emerging regulatory priorities for ensuring fair access to credit and protecting consumers in high-cost credit - including through the pay-day loan cap, and the next steps for policy.

There will also be discussion on the future of overdraft use and promoting further transparency, latest thinking for the effective regulation of the credit card market, and ensuring the protection of vulnerable consumers.

Keynote Speaker

Jonathan Phelan

Head of Department, Retail Lending Supervision, Financial Conduct Authority


Sian Williams

Director, Financial Health Exchange, Toynbee Hall

Professor Iain Ramsay

Professor of Law, Kent Law School, University of Kent

Jason Wassell

Chief Executive Officer, Consumer Finance Association

Patrice Muller

Senior Managing Partner, London Economics

Martin Groombridge

Chief Executive, London Capital Credit Union