Westminster Business Forum

The future for the UK space industry - infrastructure, international competitiveness and priorities for a sector deal

Morning, Thursday, 22nd March 2018

Central London


This seminar will discuss the future for the UK space industry - bringing together stakeholders with key policymakers. 

Following the publication of the Industrial Strategy White Paper delegates will discuss how the Strategy is impacting on the sector and what more can be done by policymakers, regulators and industry to support growth.

They will also examine key questions ahead for the development of commercial spaceports and spaceflight, following the introduction of the Space Industry Bill - which seeks to develop legal and regulatory frameworks to enable new space technologies to operate safely in the UK.

Further sessions will assess the potential impact of Brexit on the sector’s global competiveness, and how to allocate funding most effectively - following the two recent announcements - the £50 million boost from the Industrial Strategy to support the UK’s space launch programme and the £3 million awarded to support space exploration research.

Speakers and other delegates at this conference are expected to be a senior and informed group numbering around 120, including Members of both Houses of Parliament, senior officials from BEIS, DIT, the UK Space Agency and other relevant Departments, as well as industry representatives from the space and scientific community and their advisors, industry leaders, digital and infrastructure organisations, trade associations, consultants, academics, end-users, skills organisations, investors and economists, and members of the national and trade media.

Guest of Honour

Tim Just

Head of Space, Innovate UK

Guest of Honour

Tim Just

Head of Space, Innovate UK

Keynote Speaker

Nick Appleyard

Head of Integrated Applications and Downstream Services, European Space Agency


Lord Rosser

Shadow Spokesperson for Transport


Mike Lawton

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Space Systems

Professor Martin Barstow

Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Strategic Science Projects, University of Leicester

Richard Peckham

Business Development Director (Space), Airbus Defence & Space and Chairman, UKspace

Dr Farhana Amin

Innovation Program Lead, Earth Observation, Defra

Claire Pidancet

Managing Director, Space Net Ventures

Ben Olivier

President and Chief Executive Officer, Thales Alenia Space UK

John Whalley

Chief Executive, Aerospace Wales