Westminster Education Forum

The new Ofsted inspection framework - implementation, impact on schools, and the next steps for the curriculum

Morning, Wednesday, 25th March 2020

Central London


This conference will assess the implementation of Ofsted’s new inspection framework which was introduced in September.

Sessions will examine:

  • The impact of the inspection framework so far and how schools have adapted - with experiences of the first schools inspected under the new framework now starting to emerge;
  • Issues in meeting the leadership and management judgements in the new framework; and
  • Next steps for the school curriculum following the introduction of the quality of education judgement.

Speakers and their expected contributions

The keynote speaker for this conference includes:

  • Tom Rees, Executive Director of School Leadership, Ambition Institute - on fostering good leadership standards across the sector.

Speakers sharing case studies and experience include:

  • Creating a curriculum that supports a well-rounded education for their pupils - with Catherine Anwar, Chief Executive Officer, Summit Learning Trust;
  • Meeting the new quality of education judgement - the role of the curriculum and practices - with John Blake, Director, Strategy and Policy, Now Teach;
  • The new leadership and management criteria and the role of school governors - with Emma Knights, Chief Executive, National Governance Association; and
  • Implementing an ethical leadership model across schools - with Carolyn Roberts, Headteacher, Thomas Tallis School, London and Chair, Ethical Leadership Commission.

Delegates will also have the opportunity to consider the reaction of schools so far to the use of the framework in inspections at both a primary and secondary level, with contributions from Rick Carroll, Principal, Thomas Deacon Academy and Dan Morrow, Chief Executive Officer, Woodland Academy Trust.

Further confirmed speakers include: Dr Iftikhar Hussain, University of Sussex; Vicki Nash, Mind; Frank Norris, Co-op; Darren Northcott, NASUWT and Paul Steer, OCR.

The chairs are Lord Lucas and Liz Twist MP.

The agenda

  • Progress in the implementation of Ofsted’s inspection framework;
  • The framework so far - adapting to the new judgements, the wellbeing and workload of staff, and inspection of good and outstanding schools;
  • Leadership and management criteria - putting in place a clear vision and ethical leadership models, and the impact of the new school finance rating; and
  • School curriculum at primary and secondary level - the quality of education judgement, demonstrating cultural capital learning, and ensuring an inclusive, well-rounded education.

Engagement with policy officials at this conference

Westminster Education Forum conferences typically attract strong interest from policymakers. This seminar will be an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with officials who have reserved places representing: the DfE; DCMS; Government Legal Department; HMPPS; MoD and the Welsh Government.

Keynote Speaker

Tom Rees

Executive Director of School Leadership, Ambition Institute


Liz Twist MP

Lord Lucas


Darren Northcott

National Official for Education, NASUWT

Dan Morrow

Chief Executive Officer, Woodland Academy Trust

Paul Steer

Head of Policy, OCR

Rick Carroll

Principal, Thomas Deacon Academy

Vicki Nash

Head of Policy and Campaigns, Mind

Frank Norris

Adviser, Education and Schools, Co-op

Carolyn Roberts

Headteacher, Thomas Tallis School, London and Chair, Ethical Leadership Commission

Emma Knights

Chief Executive, National Governance Association

Catherine Anwar

Chief Executive Officer, Summit Learning Trust

John Blake

Curriculum Design Lead, Ark Schools and Director, Strategy and Policy, Now Teach