Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

The future of smart transport - infrastructure, regulation and developing connected places

Morning, Tuesday, 28th January 2020

Central London


This conference will examine the next steps for smart transport in the UK.

It will be a timely opportunity for policymakers and stakeholders to assess the way forward for connected and autonomous vehicles, with discussion expected on:

  • infrastructure development;
  • future regulation; and
  • developing connected places.

It follows the Future of mobility: urban strategy - which outlines the benefits that government wants mobility innovation to deliver - and comes with plans for a Regulatory Review to inform a future flexible regulatory framework.


The seminar takes place with the National Infrastructure Commission highlighting the need for infrastructure upgrades to create roads suitable for autonomous and connected vehicles and with the Government’s Infrastructure Strategy due later this year.

Delegates will discuss:

  • Infrastructure - priorities for developments to support future mobility;
  • Investment - what is needed to upgrade roadside infrastructure and align smart transport strategies with those outlined in the Road to Zero Strategy;
  • The delivery challenges - creating smart transport systems and integration with priorities outlined in the Draft Road Investment Strategy 2; and
  • Connectivity - including developing 5G technology to enable and support technological innovation across transport systems.


As set out in The Future of Mobility: Urban Strategy, the Government aims to implement a flexible regulatory framework.

Delegates will discuss:

  • The future legal framework - with the Law Commission recommending that government establishes a safety assurance scheme and forum for collaboration on the application of road rules for self-driving vehicles; and

  • Cyber security and data use - priorities in the development of intelligent mobility and real time transport systems, as the Government launches a funding competition to define a cyber-physical connected and autonomous vehicle test facility.


The agenda includes case studies on intelligent transport in cities, freight and from across industry.

It comes with the launch of a new Connected Places Catapult and following the Government consultation on the Code of Practice for automated vehicle trialling.

Delegates will discuss:

  • Support - how the UK can encourage innovation and development of connected and autonomous vehicles and the role of the new Catapult;
  • Trialling automated vehicles - the impact of the revised code of practice;
  • Future Mobility Zones - and the opportunities and challenges that they offer; and
  • Insurance - the evolving market for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Keynote Speaker

Catherine Lovell

Deputy Head, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Department for Transport

Keynote Speakers

Steve Gooding

Director, RAC Foundation

Catherine Lovell

Deputy Head, Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Department for Transport


Lizi Stewart

Managing Director, UK Transportation, Atkins

Dr Joanna White

Head of Intelligent Transport Systems Group, Highways England

Ben Gardner

Senior Associate, Pinsent Masons

David Williams

Managing Director, Underwriting and Technical Services, AXA Insurance