Westminster Media Forum

The future of UK sports broadcasting - diversification, emerging technologies and Listed Events

Morning, Tuesday, 11th February 2020

Central London


This timely seminar will consider current and future developments in UK sports broadcasting, including:

  • competition and diversification in the market for sports rights;
  • the impact of emerging technologies; and
  • the future of the Listed Events regime.

Delegates will assess the implications of key changes taking place in broadcasting business models.

They will discuss the developing competitive landscape for sports broadcasting rights and services, as well as new approaches that different players in the value chain are taking in terms of collaboration and partnerships.

They will also consider the way forward for achieving greater range in sports coverage, including women’s sport and para-sport. It follows the Secretary of State recently setting out plans to add the Paralympics to the Listed Events regime.

We also expect discussion on the implications for sports broadcasters and other stakeholders of Ofcom’s recently-published Prominence Review - including options for new legislation.

Further sessions will bring out latest developments in how content owners, producers, broadcasters, and online platforms are innovating in sports coverage and delivery, and in the business models that support services.

We expect discussion to bring out latest thinking on the potential offered by a range of emerging technologies - such as augmented, mixed, and virtual reality - to enable the development of new products, services, and viewer experiences in the sports broadcasting sector.

Delegates will also discuss potential applications for artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, and the way forward for taking advantage of enhanced connectivity - including 5G wireless networks.

There will also be discussion on ways in which sports associations can achieve a balance between revenue generation and audience reach in the sale of broadcast and media rights - in the context of the recent coverage of the Cricket World Cup on free-to-air television.

Those attending will consider the long-term impact of paid-for versus free-to-air coverage models on the financial sustainability, public profile, and grassroots participation rates of a range of sports - and the way forward for developing sustainable strategies and business models for the sale of sports media rights.

We expect further discussion on the role of sports sponsorship - looking at key priorities for sponsor organisations in driving exposure and brand recognition and developing long-term partnerships, and the ways in which these needs interact with viewership numbers and different models for broadcast sports coverage.

Keynote Speaker

William Bush

Executive Director, Premier League

Keynote Speaker

William Bush

Executive Director, Premier League


Ed Warner

former Chair, UK Athletics and Author, Sport Inc.: Why money is the winner in the business of sport

Senior speaker confirmed from Sky

Lord Addington

Vice President, UK Sports Association

Alastair Jones

Head of UK Television Policy, DCMS