Westminster Media Forum

The future for news and journalism in the UK - next steps following the Cairncross Review

Morning, Tuesday, 12th November 2019

Central London


Please note the date of this seminar has changed.

This conference will consider the way forward for the news industry - looking at emerging trends and players and the future shape of the industry - following the publication of the Cairncross Review.

Taking place as the Government consults on its response to the Review, delegates will consider its key findings and recommendations, and the next steps for policymakers, regulators and the industry.

Attendees will consider the effects of rapid changes taking place in the market for news content both in the UK and internationally.

We expect latest thinking on the business models now being employed by publishers, particularly in respect of the impact on the range and quality of content being produced.

Discussion will reflect the challenges posed by the online advertising market for publishers seeking to monetise digitally published content - including remuneration models and consequent commercial pressures to favour the production of certain types of news content.

Further discussion will examine the role of major online platforms within the broader value chain.

Attendees will assess the extent to which these platforms are in a position of market dominance - in the context of the ongoing DCMS review of the regulation of the digital advertising market, and the Review’s call for the development of new codes of conduct governing the relationships between platforms and publishers.

Further sessions will assess what steps can be taken to support the provision of high-quality journalism and public interest news at national and local levels in the UK. This follows the new £2m pilot innovation fund announced by the Government to support public interest journalism in the UK.

Delegates will discuss proposals for tax breaks for news publishers, as well as consider the Review’s recommendation for the creation of a new Institute for Public Interest News.

Those attending will consider what funding model might be appropriate for such a body, and what roles and responsibilities it should bear.

Further discussion focuses on emerging alternative models for the production and distribution of news content.

We expect delegates to review co-operative and crowdfunded models for local news, investigative journalism and other public interest news, as well as assessing the impact so far of the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

With the Review recommending that the Government develop a national media literacy strategy, further sessions look at progress with initiatives so far and latest thinking on strategies to grow the consumption of high-quality journalism and support the public in identifying the source and provenance of online news.

Keynote Speakers

Dame Frances Cairncross

Author of the Cairncross Review and Chair of Court, Heriot-Watt University

Senior speaker confirmed from Ofcom

Keynote Speakers

Dame Frances Cairncross

Author of the Cairncross Review and Chair of Court, Heriot-Watt University

Senior speaker confirmed from Ofcom


Lord Black of Brentwood

Deputy Chairman, Telegraph Media Group


Phil Smith

Director General, ISBA

Jimmy Leach

Editor in Chief, HuffPost UK

Rachel Oldroyd

Managing Editor, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Adam Cantwell-Corn

Co-Founder and Operations and Media Co-ordinator, The Bristol Cable

Magnus Brooke

Director, Policy and Regulatory Affairs, ITV

Helen Thomas

Director, BBC England

Michelle Stanistreet

General Secretary, National Union of Journalists

Mark Bunting

Partner, Communications Chambers

Alan Renwick

Director, RADAR

David Elms

UK Head of Media, KPMG