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Next steps for tackling plastic waste - increasing recycling, reducing plastic use, and supporting the development of sustainable alternatives

Morning, Thursday, 5th November 2020

Central London


This conference will be an opportunity to assess priorities for reducing avoidable plastic waste.

It is also timed to discuss the impact of plans outlined resources and waste management chapter of the Environment Bill for:

  • Introduction of bans - on specific types of non recyclable plastic and give national authorities new powers to introduce charges for single-use plastics to encourage the use of sustainable packaging materials;
  • Extended producer responsibility schemes - with reforms so that producers have a greater role in disposing of their products and are encouraged to innovate product design;
  • Clearer labelling  - new requirements aimed at making products more easily identified by consumers as recyclable;
  • Deposit return schemes - use of primary powers to allow the introduction DRSs, with the aim of encouraging on-the-go recycling; and
  • Consistency in collections - updating the requirements on local authorities to collect a consistent set of materials across the country from households and business, ending the variation between authorities.


We are pleased to include a keynote contributions from:

  • Dawn Woodward, Deputy Head, Resource and Waste, Defra; and
  • Dr Marcus Gover, Chief Executive Officer, WRAP.

Further speakers include: Martin Curtois, External Affairs Director, Veolia; Adrian Griffiths, Founder & CEO, Recycling Technologies and Beth Simpson, Senior Consultant, Anthesis.

The agenda

  • The UK Plastics Pact and the Courtauld Commitment 2025 - progress to date and priorities for international collaboration;
  • Case study: increasing recycling rates and innovation in home collection;
  • Improving domestic plastic waste management - standardised collections, developing recycling infrastructure, and opportunities for the introduction of a deposit return scheme;
  • Reducing plastic waste - industry priorities, innovating product design and developing reusable and sustainable materials:
    • Innovating product design and the development of smarter plastics and alternative packaging;
    • Reducing the usage of in plastic packaging in the food and retail sector;
    • Challenges for extended producer responsibility - preventing and redistributing surplus materials;
    • Encouraging change in consumer behaviour and nurturing sustainable habits - labelling, education and engagement; and
    • Removing plastic waste pollution from the environment and ensuring the sustainability of new materials.
  • The Environment Bill and future policy priorities for creating a circular plastics economy.

Keynote Speaker

Dr Marcus Gover

Chief Executive Officer, WRAP

Keynote Speakers

Dawn Woodward

Deputy Head, Resource and Waste, Defra

Dr Marcus Gover

Chief Executive Officer, WRAP


Martin Curtois

External Affairs Director, Veolia

Adrian Griffiths

Founder & CEO, Recycling Technologies

Beth Simpson

Senior Consultant, Anthesis