Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

The future of the UK’s retail energy market - tariffs, competition and energy efficiency

Morning, Tuesday, 30th April 2019

Central London


This timely conference examines the future of the UK’s retail energy market - looking at the future shape of the market, including market stability, the impact of tariffs, progress on energy efficiency, protecting vulnerable customers, and encouraging innovation and competition.

Delegates will discuss the challenges of implementing the Domestic Gas and Electricity (Tariff Cap) Act - following its launch on January 1st 2019 - which puts a requirement on Ofgem to design and implement a cap on standard variable and default energy tariffs. With Ofgem publishing its final decision on the design and implementation of the cap, attendees will assess early indications of its impact and look ahead to plans to update the level of the cap in April and October every year to reflect the latest estimated costs of supplying electricity and gas.

Sessions will examine further steps for securing a more competitive energy market - whilst maintaining market stability, following the collapse of several challenger energy companies in 2018 - including measures to support switching suppliers, as well as the latest thinking on the recently launched consultation on the RIIO-2 methodology, which would aim to support customers with new technology such as electric vehicles and renewables while limiting returns for investors.

Attendees will also discuss what more can be done to improve energy efficiency, and the next steps for the take-up of smart meters following the NAO report: Rolling out smart meters, which outlined flaws in the current government Smart Metering Implementation Programme, leading to severe delays and reduced value for money.

Further sessions will assess future opportunities to support innovation and investment in the energy network, and develop whole-system approaches to energy usage to support new technology and renewable energy to drive competition in the sector.

We also expect discussion on the Government’s Energy Company Obligation ECO3 scheme and subsequent Ofgem consultation - with a focus on how to support low income, vulnerable and fuel poor households.

Keynote Speakers

Jane Walker

Deputy Director, Energy Markets & Affordability, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Mary Starks

Executive Director, Consumers and Markets, Ofgem

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Keynote Speakers

Stewart Reid

Head of DSO and Innovation, Scottish and Southern Electricity Network

Jane Walker

Deputy Director, Energy Markets & Affordability, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Duncan Burt

Director of Operations System Operator, National Grid SO

Mary Starks

Executive Director, Consumers and Markets, Ofgem

Laura Sandys

Chair, Government’s Energy Data Taskforce

Sara Vaughan

Political & Regulatory Affairs Director, E.ON UK


Rachel Reeves MP

Chair, House of Commons Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Select Committee

Lord Redesdale

Chief Executive Officer, Energy Managers Association


Nick Mabey

Chief Executive and Co-Founding Director, E3G

Richard Neudegg

Head of Regulation, uSwitch

Mark Coyle

Chief Strategy Officer, Utiligroup

Alex Belsham-Harris

Principal Policy Manager, Retail Energy Policy, Citizens Advice

Greg Jackson

Founder and Chief Executive, Octopus Energy