Westminster eForum

The UK’s artificial intelligence sector - skills and research excellence, the UK’s international positioning, and progress on the sector deal

Morning, Tuesday, 5th November 2019

Central London


This timely seminar focuses on the next steps for developing the AI sector in the UK - with sessions discussing the research, investment, skills and ethical challenges which underpin its development.

The conference will provide an opportunity to assess the progress of the AI Sector Deal - which sets out the Government’s approach to skills, infrastructure, research and finance in the sector. We expect discussion to draw on the one-year on update from the Government

Delegates will discuss consider what has been learnt so far, what more is needed to support the sector - and priorities for the Office of Artificial Intelligence and AI Council, set up to realise the full potential of AI to the economy as part of the Sector Deal.

Delegates will discuss the key priorities for meeting the UK’s AI skills demand including retaining AI graduates, developing a diverse workforce, and upskilling and reskilling the existing workforce.

It follows the skills and talent package announced by the Government in February to support the growth of a world-leading AI sector in the UK - which includes plans for new industry-funded AI Masters, and 16 dedicated UK Research and Innovation AI Centres for Doctoral Training at universities.

The UK’s positioning in the global AI sector will also be assessed - including discussion around competitiveness, international collaboration and its place as a world leader.

Following the publication of the White Paper on Regulation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution - which set out plans to create a regulatory system that will support innovation while protecting citizens and the environment - and the AI Readiness Index 2019 - which ranked the UK second globally - delegates will discuss what more is needed to support the development and growth of AI across the UK.

This includes considerations around the national data infrastructure that is required to enable widespread adoption of AI - such as ‘Data Trusts’, 5G and fibre broadband infrastructure and high performance computing.

Sessions will also provide an opportunity to consider innovative applications of AI technology - across areas such as healthcare and finance.

We expect discussion to touch upon recent developments in healthcare research and innovation.

This includes government investment of £250m into a new National AI Lab for the NHS, and increased funding for the Four Centres of Excellence, both with the aim to improve diagnostics and screening capabilities and improve care delivery.

Attendees will also discuss priorities for The Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation - also set up as part of the sector deal - as it sets its 2 Year Strategy and workplan for 2019/20 - which includes plans for reviews into online targeting and bias in decision-making algorithms. The latest thinking on designing and regulating a fit-for-purpose ethical framework for the use of AI and the data upon which it relies will also be considered.

Keynote Speaker

Professor Dame Wendy Hall

Regius Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton and AI Skills Champion for the UK

Keynote Speakers

Professor Sir Adrian Smith

Institute Director and Chief Executive, The Alan Turing Institute

Dr Rannia Leontaridi

Director, Business Growth and Office for Artificial Intelligence, BEIS

Richard Stirling

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Oxford Insights

Gila Sacks

Director, Digital and Tech Policy and Office for Artificial Intelligence, DCMS

Professor Dame Wendy Hall

Regius Professor of Computer Science, University of Southampton and AI Skills Champion for the UK


Darren Jones MP

Member, House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee; Co-Chair, Parliamentary Internet, Communications and Technology Forum and Member, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence

Professor Lord Winston

Professor, Science and Society, Imperial College London


Ivana Bartoletti

Head, Privacy and Data Protection, Gemserv and Co-Founder, Women Leading in AI

Dr Indra Joshi

Head of Digital Health and AI, NHSX

Roger Taylor

Chair, Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation

James Wise

Partner, Balderton Capital

Hugh Milward

Director, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft UK

Jeni Tennison

Chief Executive Officer, Open Data Institute

Shamus Rae

Chief Executive Officer, Engine B

Nic Granger

Chief Financial Officer and Director of Corporate, Oil and Gas Authority