Westminster Health Forum

Payment systems and reimbursement in healthcare

Morning, Tuesday, 21st January 2020

Central London


This seminar will consider the development of payment systems and reimbursement in the NHS.

The seminar follows the publication of the 2019/20 National Tariff by NHS England and NHS Improvement which included a number of changes, such as the move to a one-year tariff, the introduction of blended payments for emergency care and an update to the Market Forces Factor.

Delegates will consider the impact of these changes, including whether the updated Market Forces Factor adequately reflects variations in local costs, and where further changes may need to be made to incentivise prevention and support integrated working.

We expect further discussion on the key issues for the independent sector, looking at how to encourage collaboration and the impact of the move to a one year tariff on stability and financial planning.

Following the commitment in the NHS Long Term Plan to roll out Integrated Care Systems (ICS) across the country by 2021, delegates will assess how the current payment system supports the drive towards integration, the future of the purchaser/provider split and opportunities for local flexibility in setting financial incentives.

They will consider the priorities for developing new payment models for ICS, in light of the response to the consultation to introduce an Integrated Care Provider Contract, which found that further guidance is needed around financial stability and the transparency of financial information.

Further sessions will consider how the payment system impacts on the uptake of new pharmaceuticals and technologies.

Delegates will assess pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement in the NHS, including how best to share the financial risk associated with developing new drugs and options for paying pharmaceutical companies for the value of their medicines rather than by volume sold, as the trial of a new payment system for antibiotics takes place.

We expect further discussion on the impact of the Innovation and Technology Payment system - looking at how to incentivise innovation and support the uptake of new technologies within the NHS.

Keynote Speaker

Chris Walters

Director of Pricing and Costing, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Keynote Speaker

Chris Walters

Director of Pricing and Costing, NHS England and NHS Improvement


Rebecca Clegg

Chief Finance Officer, Berkshire West Clinical Commissioning Group

Dr Stuart Dollow

Founder, Vermilion Life Sciences

David Hare

Chief Executive, Independent Healthcare Providers Network

Matthew Bell

Director, Public Policy, Frontier Economics