Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

The future of the UK gas network: infrastructure, decarbonisation and energy security

Morning, Tuesday, 16th July 2019

Central London


This seminar will consider the future of the UK gas network - including the regulatory challenges that the industry faces and the next steps for decarbonising gas in the energy, heat and transport sectors.

Delegates will examine future regulation of the sector and regulatory structures - as part of the Ofgem’s framework for the next price control (RIIO-2) for the gas distribution network and gas and electricity transmission - and the priorities for the business plans that network companies will be asked to submit later this year, which will help set revenues for gas and electricity network companies.

Sessions will also discuss network resilience, energy security and how to create a collaborative environment between power and gas companies, following the release of the UK national risk assessment on security of gas supply, aimed at ensuring that infrastructure and safeguards are in place to allow for exceptional climactic conditions or disruptions to supply.

Further sessions will look at proposals for innovation in the gas network in light of Government’s £20m fund to support the creation of a hydrogen economy, and discussion is expected to touch on the potential challenges to convert the existing gas network to hydrogen, as well as the interrelated role of CCUS and the electrification of heating can play, and the feasibility of rolling out these technologies, including upgrades to existing gas supply pipes.

Following the Committee on Climate Change’s report that highlighted around a fifth of the UK’s greenhouse gases come from burning gas for domestic heating and hot water, and called for no new homes to be connected to the gas grid from 2025, we also expect discussion on the future of the gas sector and the role it will play in the green transition.

Keynote Speakers

David Joffe

Team Leader, Economy-Wide Analysis, Committee on Climate Change

Senior speaker confirmed from Cadent Gas

Keynote Speakers

Antony Green

Head of Engineering and Asset Management, Gas Transmission, National Grid

Katie Black

Director of Policy, National Infrastructure Commission

David Joffe

Team Leader, Economy-Wide Analysis, Committee on Climate Change

Senior speaker confirmed from Cadent Gas


Dr Alan Whitehead MP

Shadow Minister, Energy and Climate Change

James Heappey MP

Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Renewable and Sustainable Energy


Dr Grant Wilson

Lecturer, School of Chemical Engineering, University of Birmingham and Researcher, UKERC

Dr Luke Warren

Chief Executive, Carbon Capture and Storage Association

Keith Owen

Head of Systems Development and Energy Strategy, Northern Gas Networks

Chris Clarke

Energy Strategy Director, Wales and West Utilities