Westminster Health Forum

The future for NICE in health and social care

Morning, Thursday, 6th February 2020

Central London


This seminar will be a timely opportunity to discuss the next steps for NICE - looking at measuring output, developing evidence-based guidelines and accelerating the uptake of innovation.

Changing policy landscape

Delegates will assess the next steps for scaling up and overcoming barriers to increasing the number and pace of appraisals for new medicines - including utilising funding, demonstrating value and expanding the scope of innovation.

The seminar takes place in light of the publication of the Life Sciences Sector Deal 2, which committed to making additional funding available to NICE and increasing the number of evaluations of digital products by 2020.

It also follows the introduction of the Voluntary Scheme for Branded Medicines Pricing and Access, which included plans to provide faster assessments of the clinical and cost-effectiveness of new medicines.

Technology appraisals

Delegates will discuss the key issues for technology appraisals, following the announcement by NICE of a health technology evaluation methods review, which will consult on ensuring NICE’s methods of evaluation are up-to-date and take into account the changing health and care landscape.

Health and social care

The agenda includes discussion on the role of NICE across health and social care - including next steps for developing evidence-based guidance, utilising data and assessing cost effectiveness.

The seminar follows the development of the Accelerated Access Collaborative, and those attending will discuss the challenges for accelerating the update and adoption of proven cost-effective innovations in the NHS.

They will also discuss NICE’s capacity in light of the growing number of appraisals and the impact of the Government’s decision to allow NICE to charge for health technology appraisals on the industry and small companies in particular.

Keynote Speaker

Professor Gillian Leng

Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Health and Social Care, NICE

Keynote Speaker

Professor Gillian Leng

Deputy Chief Executive and Director of Health and Social Care, NICE


Doris-Ann Williams

Chief Executive, BIVDA

Professor Mark Wilson

Consultant Neurosurgeon and Pre-Hospital Care Specialist, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust and Co-Founder, GoodSAM

Dr Sunil Gupta

GP; Vice Chair, East of England Clinical Senate Council; Member, Quality Standards Advisory Committee, NICE and GP Associate Postgraduate Dean, Mid Essex and Basildon, Health Education East of England

Dr Alan MacDonald

Chairman, Scottish Medicines Consortium and Consultant Rheumatologist, NHS Grampian

Professor Matthew Cripps

Director, Sustainable Healthcare, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Caroline Cake

Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer, Health Data Research UK