Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

England’s road network - investment, development and delivering RIS2

Morning, Tuesday, 10th September 2019

Royal Over-Seas League, Over-Seas House, Park Place, St James’s Street, London SW1A 1LR


It will be an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with senior officials as the Government finalises the Road Investment Strategy (RIS2).

There will be case studies on delivering the Oxford-Cambridge expressway from Martin Tugwell, Programme Director, England’s Economic Heartland and on the Mutual Investment Model used by devolved road networks in Scotland and Wales.

Overall, sessions will discuss:

  • The future of the strategic and major road network - addressing barriers to long-term investment, project delivery and developing regional strategies;
  • Monitoring road development - the role of regulation in setting targets for deliverability;
  • Priorities for emission reduction - infrastructure, connectivity and integrating smart systems;
  • Delivering RIS2 - priorities and next steps.

It follows:

  • the Draft Road Investment Strategy (RIS2) - which sets out priorities for the Strategic Road Network (SRN) from 2020-25 and is backed by £25bn; and
  • the interim government response to the NIC’s National Infrastructure Assessment which set out priorities for the development of the UK’s transport infrastructure ahead of a full Infrastructure Strategy also expected later this year.

Policymakers and stakeholders will assess the priorities for RIS2, including:

  • its relationship with local and combined authorities regarding the setting of priorities and delivery of key projects; and
  • key issues for meeting the intended objectives of delivering a network which supports the economy, is safer and more reliable, greener, more integrated and smarter.

Sessions will also examine the future finance of roads projects and will include discussion of alternative methods of funding, what more is needed to encourage long-term investment, reduce delivery costs and mitigate the environmental impact of the SRN.

Keynote Speakers

Jim O’Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer, Highways England

Richard Coates

Deputy Director, Highways, Office of Rail and Road

Keynote Speakers

Richard Coates

Deputy Director, Highways, Office of Rail and Road

Martin Tugwell

Programme Director, England’s Economic Heartland

Tom Callow

Director of Strategy and Communication, BP Chargemaster

Jim O’Sullivan

Chief Executive Officer, Highways England


Jack Brereton MP

Member, House of Commons Transport Select Committee


Richard Burnett

Chief Executive, Road Haulage Association

Mark Kemp

Director, Environment and Infrastructure, Hertfordshire County Council

Senior speaker confirmed from Burges Salmon

Alan Dinsdale

Business Development Director, Highways, Kier Group

Rupert Lugg

Director, Burges Salmon

Naomi Green

Head of Technical Programme, England’s Economic Heartland

Nick Prior

Global Head Infrastructure & Capital Projects, Deloitte

Maria Machancoses

Director, Midlands Connect