Westminster Media Forum

The future of online advertising regulation

Morning, Thursday, 11th July 2019

Central London


This timely seminar focuses on next steps for the regulation of online advertising.

It will be an opportunity to discuss the ASA’s new 5-year strategy - which sets out aspirations around regulating the targeting and content of online advertising, as well as achieving greater protection for children and vulnerable adults, enhancing engagement with the sector, and promoting innovation in regulatory processes.

We expect discussion to reflect the focus in the Cairncross Review on monetisation via digital advertising, and the recent publication of the Furman Review into competition in the digital economy.

It also follows the Chancellor’s request to the CMA for a market study into the digital advertising sector in the UK and internationally, made as part of the Spring Statement.

Delegates will consider issues around the targeting and delivery of online marketing - looking at ways in which personal data is used to serve adverts to consumers, and the latest technological developments in this area, such as AI and biometrics - as well as issues around privacy, security and consent.

Further sessions examine potential use cases for new technologies within the regulatory process, such as automated content scanning using machine learning - as well as assessing more broadly the priorities for updating and streamlining the development of regulation and enforcement in the online advertising space.

Taking place as the Government consults on new proposals for the regulation of online food and drink advertising, delegates will also consider the way forward for regulating online ad content - taking in concerns around protection for children and vulnerable adults, as well as broader issues around the dissemination of misleading claims and regulatory responses to this.

Keynote Speaker

Guy Parker

Chief Executive, Advertising Standards Authority

Keynote Speakers

Guy Parker

Chief Executive, Advertising Standards Authority

Simon McDougall

Executive Director, Technology Policy and Innovation, Information Commissioner’s Office

Douglas Miller

Vice President, Global Privacy and Trust, Verizon Media


Rt Hon the Baroness Quin

Member, House of Lords Communications Committee


Christie Dennehy-Neil

Head of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, IAB UK

Damian Ryan

Partner, Corporate Finance, BDO and Author, Understanding Digital Marketing

Dominic Joseph

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Captify

Oliver Bray

Partner, RPC

Morgan Wild

Policy Lead, Consumer and Public Services, Citizens Advice

Sarah Hanratty

Chief Executive, Senet Group

Max Beverton-Palmer

Head of Digital Policy, Sky