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Sustaining the UK’s cyber security capabilities: workforce skills and development international collaboration, and responding to latest threats

Morning, Thursday, 17th October 2019

Central London


This seminar will assess priorities for the UK in maintaining its capabilities to deal with the latest developments in the cyber security threat landscape.

The agenda looks at:

  • the current and emerging spectrum of cyber threats facing the UK - including critical national infrastructure, cybercrime and the actions of online gangs, and hostile state actors;
  • the way forward for developing countermeasures - including looking at collaboration between government and industry, and internationally; and
  • next steps for developing the skills, talent pipeline and career structures needed to meet these challenges and to support a world-class cyber security sector in the UK.

We expect delegates to consider the measures set out in the recently published draft National Cyber Security Skills Strategy, in the context of the ongoing consultation, as well as to examine progress more broadly around skills and securing a sustainable pipeline of talent. There will be discussion on what further action might be needed to meet current and future cyber needs, support economic growth and position the UK at the forefront of cyber security - including developing the competitiveness of the UK’s cyber security sector in international export markets.

Sessions on the agenda will include discussion on key issues around education and training - including the extent to which the current education system is equipping graduates with the skills they need to enter the labour market and keeping pace with the rapidly evolving threat landscape, what is needed to build closer links between industry, education and policy in areas such as the development of tailored training programmes, as well as improving cyber-awareness for the wider workforce.

Further planned sessions consider how the UK can attract and retain talent - assessing the effectiveness of recruitment and discovery programmes, improving the provision of careers guidance and pathways, and addressing gender imbalance and wider diversity issues to widen the talent pool and develop a more inclusive workforce.

Keynote Speakers

Matthew Parsons

Head of Cyber Security Skills and Professionalisation, DCMS

Detective Superintendent Andrew Gould

National Cybercrime Programme Lead, National Police Chiefs’ Council

Professor Jeremy Watson

Director, PETRAS and Professor of Engineering Systems, Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy, University College London


Rob Norris

Vice President, Western Europe, Live Services and Enterprise Cyber Security, Fujitsu UK

Matt Houlihan

Director, Government and Corporate Affairs, Cisco

Dr Chitra Balakrishna

Program Director, Cyber Security, Institute of Coding