Westminster eForum

‘Tech for Good’ policy in the UK - use of technology to address complex social issues, supporting social tech ventures, and digital transformation in the third and NFP sectors

Morning, Thursday, 23rd May 2019

Central London


This timely conference will discuss a range of new government policy initiatives aimed at harnessing technological innovation to drive social change for good - and the implications for charities, social enterprises and the private sector.

In the context of aspirations set out in the Civil Society Strategy, we expect discussion on ways in which charities and social enterprises can better engage with, and make use of, digital technology, as well as priorities for supporting social tech start-ups and scale-ups.

The agenda will bring out latest thinking on the potential impact that new technologies can have on tackling complex social issues - looking at case studies from the UK and abroad of the deployment of advanced tech for good causes, examining outcomes and assessing the way forward.

There will also be discussion on the scope for the involvement of private business - as well as ways in which it can be made easier for ventures in the social tech sector to bid for and win contracts in the public sector.

Delegates will also consider how best to promote continued innovation in social tech organisations, and what more needs to be done to ensure they have sufficient access to finance, investment and business development resources, following the recent announcement of a new fund for social tech ventures supported by the Government and the Social Tech Trust.

There will be further discussion on key priorities for driving and enabling the uptake of technologies such as AI and digital fundraising tools by charities at varying scales - including developing digital skills within third sector organisations, promoting good governance and best practice in data handling, and examining ways in which tech solutions can be matched to charities’ scale and requirements.

Keynote Speaker

Senior speaker confirmed from DCMS

Keynote Speaker

Senior speaker confirmed from DCMS


Geraldina Iraheta

Director of Business Development, Digital Catapult

Dan Sutch

Co-Founder and Director, Centre for Acceleration of Social Technology

Matt Stokes

Senior Researcher, Government Innovation, Nesta

Hugh Milward

Director, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs, Microsoft UK

Clara Maguire

Entrepreneurial Lead, The Good Lab

Senior speaker confirmed from Microsoft

Paul Miller

Chief Executive Officer, Bethnal Green Ventures

Raphaël Mazet

Chief Executive Officer, Alice

Senior speaker confirmed from Nesta