Westminster Media Forum

Education, skills and the UK creative industries workforce - next steps for policy, partnerships and securing the talent pipeline

Morning, Thursday, 28th March 2019

Broadway House Conference Centre, Tothill Street, London SW1H 9NQ


This timely seminar will examine the way forward for developing the skills needed by the UK’s creative industries - focusing on priorities for education in creative subjects, training and upskilling, and making the most of the Creative Industries Sector Deal.

The agenda considers options for strengthening the relationship between the creative industries and the education and training sector, in the context of initiatives set out in the Sector Deal, including the Creative Careers Programme.

Delegates will assess progress and consider what further steps are needed to meet the needs of the sector - including in the development of T-levels, tackling the decline in arts teaching in schools, improving careers advice provision, and looking at how effectively higher education is keeping up with developments.

Focusing on what more is needed to ensure that creative education is in sync with the requirements of business and industry, they will also discuss the way forward for delivering on the push for links between businesses, education and creatives.

Further sessions focus on key priorities for addressing future skills challenges in the creative industries.

Areas for discussion include aligning the framework for apprenticeships to suit the sector’s needs, challenges around upskilling employees already within the sector and identifying the most urgent skills gaps, promoting greater diversity and inclusiveness in the workforce, developing clear career pathways for the sector and reducing barriers to access for socio-economically excluded groups.

In the context of findings contained in the Bazalgette review, we expect a particular focus on the development of digital skills in the creative industries, as well as consideration of the structural impact of greater automation and AI on the employment landscape within the sector.

Delegates will assess concerns around Brexit and securing the talent pipeline from Europe, as well as considering issues around touring and temporary movement between the EU and UK.

Keynote Speaker

Dinah Caine CBE

Chair of Council, Goldsmiths, University of London and Member, Creative Industries Council

Keynote Speaker

Dinah Caine CBE

Chair of Council, Goldsmiths, University of London and Member, Creative Industries Council


Nigel Evans MP

Vice Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Music Education, House of Commons


Noel Dunne

Director, Creative Alliance

Jane Tarr

Director, Skills and Workforce, Arts Council England

Professor Anne Carlisle

Vice-Chancellor, Falmouth University

Amy Smith

Head of Talent, Framestore and Chair, T-Level Panel for Media, Broadcast and Production

Simon Dancey

Chief Executive Officer, Creative & Cultural Skills

Kate O’Connor

Director, Kate O’Connor Consulting and Executive Chair of Council, Animation UK

Simon Broad

Head of Operations, New Talent, BBC

Sam Cairns

Co-Director, Cultural Learning Alliance

Neil Hatton

Chief Executive Officer, UK Screen Alliance

Gee Davy

Head of Legal and Business Affairs, Association of Independent Music