Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

Climate change in the UK: priorities for adaptation, developing resilient infrastructure and species protection

Morning, Tuesday, 19th November 2019

Central London


This seminar will be a timely opportunity to assess the future of climate change policy in the UK.

Sessions will provide an opportunity to discuss priorities for climate change adaptation - including discussion around resilient infrastructure, environmental governance and the impact of policy developments.

Bringing together key stakeholders with policymakers, it is timed to take place at a particularly busy time for policy with:

  • The forthcoming National Progress Report published by the Adaptation Sub-Committee due this summer, and the statutory Government response expected later this year;
  • As the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Environmental Audit Committee criticise the Environment Bill with concerns raised over environmental protections and governance post Brexit;
  • The recent publication from the Committee on Climate Change on reducing UK emissions which calls for net-zero greenhouse gases by 2050;
  • As the the House of Commons approves a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency;
  • Following reports on adapatation in the natural environment and cities from the CCC; and
  • With the UK’s third Climate Change Risk Assessment evidence report, due in 2021.

Sessions at this conference will focus on:

  • Key reccomendations the National Progress Report and policy priorities for climate change;
  • Driving investment and developing resilient infrastructure across transport and utilities and making the business case for adaptation;
  • Priorities for environmental governance reform – and how best to address concerns raised by both the EAC and EFRA committees;
  • Building climate resilience in cities  - challenges for long-term adaptation planning, expanding sustainable housing and protecting vulnerable communities; and
  • Key priorities for protecting green spaces and biodiversity - strategic planning, green infrastructure, and habitat and species protection.

Keynote Speaker

Baroness Brown of Cambridge

Chair, Adaptation Sub-Committee, Committee on Climate Change

Keynote Speakers

Senior speaker confirmed from Natural England

Baroness Brown of Cambridge

Chair, Adaptation Sub-Committee, Committee on Climate Change

Dr Tony Grayling

Director, Sustainable Business and Development, Environment Agency

Alastair Mant

Head of Business Transformation, UK Green Building Council


Simon Tilling

Partner, Burges Salmon