Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

Next steps for city region transport networks and infrastructure in the UK: collaboration, innovation and the Transforming Cities Fund

Morning, Wednesday, 10th July 2019

Central London


This seminar will consider the next steps for city region transport networks and infrastructure in the UK.

It follows the extension of the £1.7bn Transforming Cities Fund - including the addition of £680m in extra funding for city regions and metro mayors - as part of wider Government priorities for accelerating transport scheme delivery, inter-city connectivity, and improving productivity.

Delegates will discuss priorities for the allocation of additional funding and what lessons can be learnt from the first round allocation - including how best to overcome challenges such as demonstrating viability, collaboration across local and combined authorities, and delivering innovative urban design and transport integration.

Further sessions will provide an opportunity to assess how best to facilitate the delivery of future regional transport projects - including discussion on co-financing, working across local authority boundaries and the expansion of economic corridors between cities and towns.

Priorities for improving city transport links and public transport services and the link to promoting economic growth more widely will also be discussed.

With the recent launch of the National Infrastructure Commission’s partnership programme with cities we expect discussion on long-term infrastructure budgeting, targeted measures for tackling housing and congestion, and the development of employment hubs.

Drawing on case studies from cities developing integrated transport networks, attendees will also discuss how best to design transport systems that work for both businesses and passengers.

The agenda will bring out latest thinking on how best to make sure networks are effectively anticipating and adapting to changing technology such as the wider introduction of traffic management, and electric, connected and autonomous vehicles.

Further sessions assess the impact of modal change and what it means for bus, tram and active travel infrastructure including walking and cycling lanes.

We also expect discussion on the maintenance of legacy infrastructure, the repurposing of unused networks, and using industry partnerships to support long-term funding streams.

Keynote Speaker

Charles Small

Senior Policy Adviser, English Devolution, Department for Transport


Linda McCord

Senior Stakeholder Manager, Transport Focus

Pam Turton

Assistant Director, Transport, Environment and Business Support, Portsmouth City Council