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Women in the workplace - culture, progression, leadership and latest developments in tackling key issues

Morning, Friday, 8th July 2022

his conference will look at latest thinking on policy and best practice relating to women's employment and careers.

Areas for discussion include next steps for improving recruitment, progression, and the experience and safeguards within the workplace. 

It follows the announcement last November of the FTSE Women Leaders Review, the five-year successor to the earlier Hampton Alexander Review.

The conference will be an opportunity to consider key priorities and ambitions for the Review as it continues, and the way forward following recommendations set out in the Review’s first report Achieving Gender Balance.

We are very pleased to be able to include a keynote session with Ishbel Maclean, Programme Manager, FTSE Women Leaders Review on the progress of the review so far. There will also be contributions from Joeli Brearley, Founder, Pregnant Then Screwed; Haitham Hamoda, Clinical Lead, Menopause Service, Kings College Hospital; and, Chairman, British Menopause Society; and Michelle Last, Partner, Keystone Law.

Overall, the agenda will bring out latest thinking on implications of current trends, development of best practice and priorities moving forwards for:

  • organisational leadership - improving female representation at all levels of business ◦ building on the UK’s high ranking for women on FTSE 100 boards ◦ challenges for smaller companies
  • career development - provision of routes to progression ◦ professional training & CPD ◦ mentoring ◦ targets & monitoring progress ◦ support into leadership ◦ gender-neutral role descriptions
  • pay - closing the gender pay gap ◦ tackling disparities moving forward ◦ reporting
  • the pandemic - redressing the disproportionate impact on women’s employment & livelihoods ◦ support & careers guidance for unemployed women ◦ supporting the return to work 
  • workplace misconduct - tackling harassment ◦ strategies & early intervention ◦ reporting & disciplinary processes ◦ support for victims ◦ tacking root causes ◦ improving organisational culture 
  • wellbeing - assisting with health-related issues in the workplace ◦ support through changing circumstances ◦ encouraging open discussion 
  • factors outside work - improving accessibility to childcare for women ◦ the impact of flexible & hybrid working on women’s employment prospects

The conference will be an opportunity for stakeholders to consider the issues alongside key policy officials who are due to attend from DfE; DIT; Department for the Economy, NI; DfT; DWP; Food Standards Scotland; the MOJ and the NAO.

Keynote Speaker

Ishbel Maclean

Programme Manager, FTSE Women Leaders Review


Susie Clements

Partner, Heidrick and Struggles

Vanessa Sanyauke

Founder and CEO, Girls Talk London

Joeli Brearley

Founder, Pregnant Then Screwed

Michelle Last

Partner, Keystone Law

Haitham Hamoda

Clinical Lead, Menopause Service, Kings College Hospital; and, Chairman, British Menopause Society

Stef Kenyon

Assistant Director, Head of Campaigns and Marketing, Association of British Insurers

Dr Christina Julios

Honorary Associate, The Open University

Sonya Barlow

Founder and CEO, Like Minded Females (LMF) Network

Nadia Edwards-Dashti

Chief Customer Officer, Harrington Star

Alice Arkwright

Policy and Campaign Support Officer, Equality and Strategy Department, Trades Union Congress