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Next steps for the UK’s video game industry

Morning, Tuesday, 27th February 2024

This conference will examine next steps for the development and growth of the video game industry in the UK.

It will be an opportunity for key stakeholders and policymakers to assess strategy following the publication of the DCMS Video Game Research Framework in May 2023, which sets out principles for research into the impact of video games and gathering reliable data, to be utilised to support and grow the industry.

It also takes place following the announcement of a UK Games Fund grant announced by DCMS in September 2023 to support emerging developers in turning their ideas into market-leading games.

Delegates will consider priorities for driving investment amidst concerns over a lack of a stable funding source for the industry. They will assess the impact of the Video Game Relief Tax , as well as assessing market dynamics and implications of M&A for the UK video games industry.

We expect discussion on developments in consumer preferences, use of advances in technology such as AI, and key trends in genres.

Further sessions focus on wider issues around game content, monitoring age-appropriateness, online toxicity, and developing a positive culture.

Commitments from gaming companies to self-regulate the use of lootboxes will also be discussed, including controls to limit access to under-18s, as well as the way forward for establishing greater clarity around the content and improving public awareness and information campaigns

The agenda also looks at skills development, including priorities for the education and careers advice systems, recruitment and training, and encouraging diversity in the workforce.

Discussion will also consider the place of the sector within the wider creative industries, looking at maximising the benefits of creative clusters, how to best scale up and grow businesses, and strategies for developing the profile of the UK’s video game industry on a national and international scale.

We are pleased to be able to include keynote sessions with: Emily Keaney, Deputy Commissioner of Regulatory Policy , Information Commissioner’s Office; Richard Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, TIGA; Daniel Wood, Acting Co-Chief Executive Officer, UKIE; and Paul Durrant, Chief Executive Officer, UK Games Fund.

Overall, areas for discussion include:

  • policy and regulation: priorities and next steps for developing the video games industry in the UK - key market trends and opportunities - sector position within the creative industries
  • development and growth: sustaining sector growth - maximising the benefits of creative clusters - scaling up businesses - developing a national and international profile
  • investment and funding: support for financial sustainability - addressing funding concerns - developing sector attractiveness - assessing the economic impact of the video games industry
  • workforce and skills: reviewing sector-relevant education and training opportunities - recruiting and retaining UK talent - promoting diversity, inclusion and positive workplace cultures
  • safeguarding and games for good: monitoring age-appropriate content - creating positive in-game cultures - moving the use of games forward in ways that benefit players and wider society

Keynote Speaker

Daniel Wood

Acting Co-Chief Executive Officer, UKIE

Keynote Speakers

Richard Wilson

Chief Executive Officer, TIGA

Daniel Wood

Acting Co-Chief Executive Officer, UKIE

Emily Keaney

Deputy Commissioner of Regulatory Policy, Information Commissioner’s Office

Paul Durrant

Chief Executive Officer, UK Games Fund


Alex Sobel MP

Chair of the Video Games and Esports APPG


Sarah Sorrell

Charity Director, Safe In Our World

David Zendle

Lecturer, University of York

Rory Daniels

Programme Manager, Emerging Technologies, techUK

Marie-Claire Isaaman

Chief Executive Officer, Women in Games

Laura Harper

Partner, Lewis Silkin

Ryan Locke

Head of Centre for Excellence in Games Education, Abertay University

Michael French

Founder, London Games Festival

Peter Cowling

Director, iGGi