Westminster Media Forum

The future of UK copyright policy - value exchange, international relationships and the Copyright Directive

Morning, Friday, 5th July 2019

Central London


This timely seminar will consider the future for the UK’s copyright policy as well as further developments in domestic and international policy.

It takes place in the context of the ongoing progress through the European Parliament of the Copyright Directive.

We expect discussion on the current state of value exchange - between digital platforms, intellectual property owners and rights-holders, and content creators - as well as on what is needed from policymakers and stakeholders to move towards an equitable future framework for the online consumption and distribution of copyrighted content.

Delegates will consider how best to achieve a balance between remuneration for IP owners and minimising the impact on the open distribution of information online - and will look at the way forward for improving cross-sectoral engagement on the issues.

Further sessions will assess options for any regulatory or legislative action, drawing in part on ideas and issues emerging in the roundtables convened as part of the Creative Industries Sector Deal.

The agenda also looks at the impact of Brexit on the UK’s framework for intellectual property protection and registration, as well as what IP protections are required internationally for UK businesses to maximise export opportunities in the future.

Delegates will consider further international developments affecting the creative industries, including developments in copyright exhaustion regimes and the question of the UK’s ongoing participation in the Unified Patent Court.

Keynote Speaker

Tim Moss

Chief Executive Officer, Intellectual Property Office


David Frank

UK Government Affairs Manager, Microsoft

Dids Macdonald

Chief Executive Officer, ACID and Vice-Chair, Alliance for Intellectual Property