Westminster Higher Education Forum

Next steps for developing the Teaching Excellence Framework

Morning, Wednesday, 5th June 2019

St Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, London WC2N 4JJ


This timely conference will examine development of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF).

Timed as the Independent Review, led by Dame Shirley Pearce, reaches its final stages, delegates will have the opportunity to outline their views on the TEF, prior to the roll-out of the first full subject-level exercise, the details of which are expected to be finalised this year. The review is expected to look at the efficacy of the process and data sets used to determine TEF scores, the appropriateness of the ratings system, the impact of the Framework on the ability of providers to carry out teaching and research activities and more widely at whether the TEF is in the public interest.

Attendees will look at what steps might be taken to refine the Framework’s metrics, examining the balance of core and supplementary metrics, in addition to looking at the reliability and suitability of the data sets used in the TEF. Discussion is expected to address sector concerns regarding the current shape of the TEF, including issues surrounding the use of National Student Survey (NSS) scores and Longitudinal Education Outcomes (LEO) data, and the revised assessment model being tested in this year’s subject pilot.

Further sessions will address the utility of the ratings system, which currently awards institutions gold, silver, bronze or provisional ratings. This follows the publication of the 2018 TEF results which saw thirteen institutions improve on their 2017 scores, prompting questions over whether this reflected genuine, significant improvements in teaching, experience with putting together applications or changes to methodology.

Delegates will also discuss the utility of the TEF exercise more broadly, looking at how to ensure that the Framework rewards teaching innovation rather than encouraging teachers to stick to tested methods. In addition, attendees will look at how to improve awareness and knowledge of the TEF among prospective applicants.

Keynote Speaker

Dame Shirley Pearce

Lead, Independent Review of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework

Keynote Speakers

Professor Janice Kay

Deputy Chair, TEF Panel and Provost and Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Exeter

Graeme Rosenberg

TEF Manager, Office for Students

Dame Shirley Pearce

Lead, Independent Review of the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework


Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP

Chair, All-Party Parliamentary University Group and Shadow Minister (Housing, Communities & Local Government) (Planning)

Duke of Wellington

former Chairman of the Council, King’s College London


Janet Faulkner

Dean, Higher Education, Leeds City College

Nasra Ayub

Undergraduate Education Officer, University of Bristol Students’ Union

Carys Fisher

Senior Policy Executive, UCAS

Professor Alex Neill

Vice-President, Education, University of Southampton

Dr Vanessa Cui

Research Fellow, School of Education and Social Work, Birmingham City University

Professor John Robinson

Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Teaching, Learning and Students, University of York

Professor Deborah Johnston

Pro-Director (Learning and Teaching) and Professor, Development Economics, SOAS University of London

Professor Paul Ashwin

Professor of Higher Education, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University