Westminster Energy, Environment & Transport Forum

Retail energy markets in the UK - competition, protecting consumers, and expanding new services

Morning, Thursday, 6th February 2020

Central London


This conference will assess the next steps for developing affordability, competitiveness, and innovation in UK retail energy markets.

It will be an opportunity to discuss the joint Future Energy Retail Market Review being coordinated by government and Ofgem - which seeks to futureproof the retail energy market so that it can support innovation in technology and services, whilst protecting consumers.

Delegates will discuss:

  • What is needed from policy and regulation to develop a market framework that takes advantage of new technology, services, and lower system costs;
  • The way forward for digitisation in energy markets and the use of smart data; and
  • Consumer protection, energy costs, and competition.


There will be keynote contributions from: Jane Walker, Deputy Director, Energy Markets & Affordability, BEIS; Laura Sandys, Chair, Government’s Energy Data Taskforce, Mark Coyle, Chief Strategy Officer, Utiligroup and Gillian Cooper, Interim Head of Energy Policy, Citizens Advice.

The agenda

  • Policy priorities for retail energy markets - innovation, competition and costs;
  • Adapting to market developments, innovation in technology, and consumer habits:
    • Data and digitisation for energy markets - maximising value: flexibility, system operations, and regulation;
    • Challenges for suppliers - business models, competitiveness, and clean energy supply;
    • Network infrastructure and capacity -  fit for changing consumer habits, smart technology, and decarbonisation; and 
    • Energy market trends, and priorities for policy, competition and consumers.
  • Consumer protection - affordability, energy efficiency, and supplier responsibility to consumers;
  • Preparing networks for net-zero emissions - whole-system change, investment priorities, and enabling grid-connected technologies;
  • Technology, services, and system and market benefits - supply and demand balancing, small-scale energy integration, and developing smart platforms for consumers and retailers;and
  • Regulation for modern and effective UK energy markets.

Keynote Speaker

Jane Walker

Deputy Director, Energy Markets & Affordability, BEIS

Keynote Speakers

Mark Coyle

Chief Strategy Officer, Utiligroup

Jane Walker

Deputy Director, Energy Markets & Affordability, BEIS


Dr David Deller

Senior Research Associate, Centre for Competition Policy, University of East Anglia

Laura Sandys

Chair, Government’s Energy Data Taskforce

Clementine Cowton

Director, External Affairs, Octopus Energy

Gillian Cooper

Interim Head of Energy Policy, Citizens Advice