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Leasehold reform in England and Wales - implementing the legislation, its impact, and options for further reform

Morning, Friday, 9th September 2022

This conference focuses on leasehold reform in England and Wales.

Following the passage of the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022, it is bringing together stakeholders and policymakers to examine issues going forward, including the implementation of ground rent reforms and the impacts on markets, landlords and developers.

Discussion will also look ahead to the next stages of the Government’s legislative programme in this area, evaluating proposed reforms to enfranchisement valuation, premiums and processes, the marriage value and further changes to cap ground rent for existing leases.

Delegates will also consider commonhold ownership, options for simplifying conversion and association processes, and the priorities for building lender, developer and investor confidence.

With growing concerns about both affordability in the housing market and house building falling behind national need, delegates will also assess the potential impact of new and proposed reforms on stakeholders and market conditions.

We are pleased to be able to include a keynote contribution from Judge Siobhan McGrath, President, First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber), Courts and Tribunals Judiciary. The chairs are Lord Berkeley, Officer, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Infrastructure; and Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Leasehold and Commonhold Reform.

The conference will be an opportunity for stakeholders to consider the issues alongside key policy officials who are due to attend from the Home Office and the Welsh Government - as well as parliamentary pass-holders from the House of Lords.

Keynote Speaker

Judge Siobhan McGrath

President, First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber), Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

Keynote Speaker

Judge Siobhan McGrath

President, First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber), Courts and Tribunals Judiciary


Lord Berkeley

Officer, All-Party Parliamentary Group for Infrastructure

Sir Peter Bottomley MP

Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Leasehold and Commonhold Reform


Paula Higgins

Chief Executive, Home Owners Alliance

Robert Bryant-Pearson

Consultant Chartered Surveyor, Allied Surveyors and Valuers

Richard Dalton

Director, Savills

Bob Smytherman

Chairman, Federation of Private Residents Association

Bernie Wales

Leasehold Consultant

Professor Susan Bright

Professor of Land Law, University of Oxford

Matthew Jupp

Principal, Mortgage Policy, UK Finance

Sebastian O’Kelly

CEO, Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

Councillor Oliver Monk

Portfolio holder for Planning and Housing, Cornwall Council

Dr Lu Xu

Senior Lecturer, Property Law, Lancaster University

Beth Rudolf

Director of Delivery, Conveyancing Association

Jeremy Dharmasena

Partner and Department Head, Leasehold Reform and Litigation, Knight Frank