Policy Forum for London

Old Oak Common and regeneration in North West London - housing, economic development and delivering an integrated transport hub

Morning, Wednesday, 20th May 2020

Central London


This seminar will discuss the next steps for the development of Old Oak Common Station, the OPDC local plan, and wider priorities for regeneration in North West London.

It takes place in the context of:

  • The independent review of HS2 review into High Speed 2 - which will examine the project affordability, deliverability, benefits, scope, and phasing, and is due to report later this year;
  • The Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation’s (OPDC) Local Plan, which sets out a development plan for the OPDC area - and the subsequent interim report from the planning inspector; and
  • The Mayor of London’s draft new London Plan - with its broad spatial development strategy for Greater London.

The agenda

  • The development of Old Oak and Park Royal: Progress and next steps;
  • The future of Old Oak Common Station - implications of independent review of HS2; and
  • Delivering an integrated transport hub - practicalities, future proofing and community engagement;
  • Priorities for regeneration across North West London and implementing the OPDC local plan - housing, skills and economic development; and
  • Next steps for developing North West London and the impact of the new London Plan.

Old Oak Common Station

Delegates will discuss the legal, planning, and engineering practicalities of delivering Old Oak Common Station and key priorities for delivering transport connectivity in the region and connecting effectively to Crossrail and HS2.

It follows the independent review into HS2 and with the suggestion from the Chair of HS2 reported by the Transport Secretary that Old Oak Common could become the temporary London terminus. This suggestion has led to reported concerns from Transport for London over the ability of Crossrail to cope with the expected passenger numbers.

The conference will also be an opportunity to consider the future role of the station - with discussion on future-proofing and what more can be done to ensure it meets the demands of passengers and the local community.

Regeneration in North West London

The agenda also looks at the next steps for regeneration priorities across North West London.

We expect discussion to focus on the OPDC’s Local Plan in the context of the interim report from the planning inspector, which called in part for the plan to be reworked.

Delegates will assess the impact of the plan and any changes as part of the planning process on housing development, commercial opportunities, and the cost and timeline for the project - with the OPDC having previously secured £250m from the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund.

Attendees will also consider wider regeneration priorities across North West London in the context of the Mayor of London’s draft new London Plan - including:

  • How best to utilise infrastructure developments to support economic growth across the region;
  • The impact of the new Imperial College campus in White City, aimed at developing supporting enterprise and innovation in the area; and
  • What more can be done to attract innovative businesses to the area.

Keynote Speaker

Liz Peace

Chair, Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation

Keynote Speaker

Liz Peace

Chair, Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation


Baroness Randerson

Liberal Democrat Lords Spokesperson on Transport


Andrew Dakers

Chief Executive, Park Royal Business Group and West London Business

Sarah Bevan

Programme Director for Planning and Development, London First

Jeremy Stibbe

Group Director, Regeneration and Assets, Notting Hill Genesis

Senior speaker confirmed from London TravelWatch

Councillor Shama Tatler

Lead Member for Regeneration, Property and Planning, Brent Council

Professor Neil Alford

Associate Provost (Academic Planning), Imperial College London

Dr Steve Melia

Senior Lecturer, Transport and Planning, University of the West of England